The Apokolips Agenda: Meta

SUPERMAN (Earth-1; Clark Kent): See Hellsister meta.

LUTHOR, LEX (Earth-1): Greatest nemesis of Superman (Earth-1).  Formerly one of his biggest fans, the loss of Luthor’s hair and the destruction of a scientific experiment by accident at Superboy’s hands caused Luthor to become his greatest foe.  Intro: ACTION COMICS #199.

BRAINIAC: A living computer created by the computer tyrants of Colu to infiltrate humanoid planets and prepare them for conquest.  Later modified by the Master Programmer to remove his humanly empathic traits and improve his power and capacity.  One of Superman’s greatest foes, and the being who originally shrunk Kandor, since expanded.  Intro: ACTION COMICS #242.

ANTI-MONITOR: A supremely-powerful anti-matter being created billions of years ago at the same time his inherent foe, the Monitor, was created in the positive-matter universe.  The Anti-Monitor’s attempt to destroy all positive universes (which was partially successful) is known as the Crisis on Infinite Earths.  Destroyed (in the Earth-1.75 universe) by two Supergirls and Wildfire.  Intro: CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS #2.

ALEXI LUTHOR (Earth-2): A villain of unknown origin and nationality, the greatest foe of Superman of Earth-2.  Encountered Superman in 1940 while trying to exploit the Toran-Galonia war.  A brilliant scientist like his Earth-2 counterpart, with whom he has teamed once before.  Intro: ACTION COMICS #23.

DARKSEID: Monarch of Apokolips, father of Orion, foster-father of Mr. Miracle, sworn enemy of Izaya and the New Gods, and plotter behind the murder of Izaya’s wife.  Extremely intelligent and powerful, capable of acting as general to major coordinated forces of evil.  Intro: JIMMY OLSEN #134.

SUPERGIRL (Kara Zor-El, aka Linda Danvers): See Hellsister meta.

DEV-EM: See Hellsister meta.

LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES: See Hellsister meta.

FRED DANVERS, EDNA DANVERS: See Hellsister meta.



JUSTICE FORCE: Superhero team native to Earth-4.  Their membership includes Captain Atom, the Blue Beetle, Nightshade, the Peacemaker, Thunderbolt, and the Question.  First appearance: CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS.

MARVEL FAMILY: Superhero team from Earth-S, comprising primarily Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel, Jr., and Mary Marvel, with auxiliary members Uncle Marvel and the Three Lieutenant Marvels.  Intro: CAPTAIN MARVEL ADVENTURES #16.

FREEDOM FIGHTERS: Superhero team originally from Earth-2, now native to Earth-X, a world in which the Nazis won World War II until overthrown decades later.  Members include Uncle Sam, Doll Man, the Human Bomb, Phantom Lady, the Black Condor, the Ray, Usa, and Firebrand I.  Intro: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #107.

COMPUTO: See Hellsister meta.

SATAN GIRL: See Hellsister meta.

IDA BERKOWITZ: Linda Danvers’s landlady in Chicago.  A Jewish refugee of the holocaust, she is also the mother of the super-villainess Blackstarr.  Intro: DARING NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERGIRL #1.

JOAN RAYMOND: One of Linda Danvers’s neighbors in her apartment house and a friend.  Intro: DARING NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERGIRL #1.

JOHN OSTRANDER: Another one of Linda Danvers’s neighbors and friends.  Intro: DARING NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERGIRL #1.

CHERYL DELARYE: Another one of Linda Danvers’s neighbors and friends.  Intro: DARING NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERGIRL #2.

HYMIE BERKOWITZ: Ida Berkowitz’s late husband and father of Blackstarr.  He died during the Holocaust.  Intro: DARING NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERGIRL #4.

BLACKSTARR (Rachel Berkowitz): Super-villainess and enemy of Supergirl.  Daughter of Ida and Hymie Berkowitz, she unlocked the secrets of the Unified Field Theory and can tap into the power of the cosmos itself, gaining power over gravity, electromagnetic fields, photons, black holes, and teleportation.  Intro: DARING NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERGIRL #13.

MR. MIRACLE (Scott Free): Son of Izaya (Highfather) and Avia of New Genesis, Scott Free was given to Darkseid in an exchange of sons as part of a peace pact with Apokolips.  He was raised in the brutal environiment of Granny Goodness’s school, but was helped along by Metron and the techno-rebel Himon to become a resistance fighter and the world’s greatest escape artist.  Now married to Big Barda, formerly of Apokolips.  Intro: MR. MIRACLE #1.

BIG BARDA: Native of Apokolips with greater than human strength and endurance.  Barda was one of Granny Goodness’s Female Furies until she befriended Scott Free and helped him escape from Apokolips.  Later she went to Earth to help Scott, now Mr. Miracle, against Darkseid’s minions, and eventually married him.  Intro: MR. MIRACLE #4.

GRANNY GOODNESS: Headmistress of a series of brutal “orphanages” on Apokolips.  One of Darkseid’s chief servants, former commander of Big Barda, and overseer of Scott Free in his early years.  Later one of Mr. Miracle’s greatest enemies.  Intro: MR. MIRACLE #2.

Part 2:

NEW GENESIS: One of the two planets (the other was Apokolips) created when the “world of the gods” was destroyed billions of years ago and the raw material spun into two spheres.  The natives of New Genesis are commonly known to Earthlings as the New Gods, though they usually call themselves the Celestials.  Intro: NEW GODS #1.

ADON: An other-dimensional planet in an agrarian and sylvan state, to which the Forever People were transported after their battle with Devilance.  Intro: FOREVER PEOPLE #12.

FOREVER PEOPLE: A group of five young New Genesites who became involved at the outset of a contemporary outbreak of hostilities between New Genesis and Apokolips when Darkseid stole one of their members, Beautiful Dreamer, thinking she possessed the Anti-Life Equation.  Members include Mark Moonrider, Big Bear, Serifan, Vykin the Black, and Beautiful Dreamer.  Intro: FOREVER PEOPLE #1.

MARK MOONRIDER: Leader of the Forever People, a young New Genesis native with a “megaton touch” that can cause tremendous explosions, among other effects.  Intro: FOREVER PEOPLE #1.

BIG BEAR: Member of the Forever People, a young New Genesite who wields great strength and an internal flow of high-density atoms that reinforce his punch.  The pilot of the Super-Cycle, the Forever People’s vehicle, and the best-humored one of the bunch.  Intro: FOREVER PEOPLE #1.

BEAUTIFUL DREAMER (D’Reema): Member of the Forever People, a young New Genesite who can create realistic illusions and who was captured by Darkseid at the outset of the current New Genesis / Apokolips conflict, in the mistaken belief that she held the Anti-Life Equation.  Intro: FOREVER PEOPLE #1.

SERIFAN: Member of the Forever People, a young New Genesite who possesses limited telepathic powers and who wields “cosmic cartridges”, affixed to the band of his cowboy hat, which have various incredible effects.  Intro: FOREVER PEOPLE #1.

VYKIN THE BLACK: Member of the Forever People, a young New Genesite who can project magnetic energy and who can trace atomic patterns, making him a great tracker.  The only black among the Forever People, Vykin is their grimmest member.  Intro: FOREVER PEOPLE #1.

ORION: Member of the New Gods, son of Darkseid and Tigra, foster son of Izaya (Highfather).  Orion is the sworn enemy of Darkseid and has been prophesied to be the one who will finally destroy him.  He is superhumanly strong and wields the Astro-Force, an energy-blast so powerful that, at full strength, it might even destroy Darkseid.  Intro: NEW GODS #1.

APOKOLIPS:  One of the two planets (the other was New Genesis) created when the “world of the gods” was destroyed billions of years ago and the raw material spun into two spheres.   Homeworld of Darkseid, Orion, Big Barda, Granny Goodness, Dr. Bedlam, Virman Vundabar, and all the New Gods’ greatest enemies.  Intro: NEW GODS #1.

ANTI-LIFE EQUATION: A mystic equation which, when wielded by a being of limited power who is able to comprehend part of it, can give him or her total control of persons within a certain range.  When and if comprehended by a being on Darkseid’s level, it could and would give him the power to control the Multiverse.  Intro: FOREVER PEOPLE #1.

BOOM TUBE: A circular passageway between two dimensions or locations; a type of space-warp.  Its name comes from the explosive sound it generates when it is employed.  Created by Metron and Himon.  Intro: FOREVER PEOPLE #1.

SUPER-CYCLE: The five-person vehicle which the Forever People ride.  It has the power to travel in the air, on land, or in the sea, and can easily travel through Boom Tubes.  Intro: FOREVER PEOPLE #1.

GRAVI-GUARDS: Monstrous, powerful, but very slow Apokolips soldiers with the power to increase gravity in their vicinity at will.  Intro: FOREVER PEOPLE #1.

MOTHER BOX: A “living computer” which is given to and bonds with many New Genesites and Apokoliptics.  It possesses great but undefined powers.  Most owners have a Mother Box unique to them, but the Forever People share one box.  Intro: FOREVER PEOPLE #1.

INFINITY MAN: An incredibly powerful being created by the union of the Forever People with their Mother Box.  Vanished during a battle with Devilance.  Intro: FOREVER PEOPLE #1.

JIMMY OLSEN: See Hellsister meta.

NEWSBOY LEGION (Earth-1): A group of five youths (Scrapper, Tommy, Big Words, Gabby, and Flippa-Dippa), four of whom are descendants of the original Newsboy Legion of the 1940's.  Financed by a Morgan Edge clone, they built the Whiz Wagon and shared a series of adventures with Jimmy Olsen.  Intro: JIMMY OLSEN #133.

GUARDIAN (aka GOLDEN GUARDIAN): A clone of Jim Harper, a heroic policeman and costumed hero who was shot dead by a member of Inter-Gang.  The Guardian has no super-powers, but is an incredible athlete and fighter and wields a badge-shaped shield.  Intro: JIMMY OLSEN #135.

GLORIOUS GODFREY: Native of Apokolips, one of Darkseid’s lieutenants, a spellbinding orator and rabble-rouser who was also master of the Justifiers and one of the Forever People’s greatest foes.  Intro: FOREVER PEOPLE #3.
JUSTIFIERS: Followers of Glorious Godfrey, equipped with metal masks and Apokoliptic weapons and transport.  Their will was almost totally subject to that of Glorious Godfrey, and thus to Darkseid.  Intro: FOREVER PEOPLE #3.

DESAAD: Darkseid’s chief lieutenant, an Apokolips native with great scientific knowledge and engineering capacity and an even greater capacity for sadism.  Intro: FOREVER PEOPLE #2.

MANTIS: One of Darkseid’s mightiest minions, possibly native to New Genesis, related to their “bug” people.  An “energy vampire” who can absorb any kind of energy and then use it against an opponent, he can fire powerful energy blasts, charge objects with destructive energy, vastly alter temperature, and create microscopic but deadly pieces of anti-matter.  Intro: FOREVER PEOPLE #2.

DEVILANCE: An Apokoliptic hunter for Darkseid, who wielded a staff with great energy powers.  He attempted to track down the Forever People for his master, but was apparently destroyed in a battle with the Infinity Man.  Intro: FOREVER PEOPLE #12.

FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE: See Hellsister meta.

HADJAT MUSEUM: A 30th Century museum of great size.  Intro: This story.

JOR-EL, LARA: See Hellsister meta.

SCIENCE COUNCIL: Ruling body of Krypton, composed of its greatest scientists.  Jor-El was a member.

KRYPTONOPOLIS: One of Krypton’s twin capitals, hometown of Superman and Dev-Em.

ARGO CITY: See Hellsister meta.

KRYPTO: Superman’s pet dog, born on Krypton, who was shot into space by Jor-El in a test rocket flight and later landed on Earth.  His youth was regenerated by the waters of a mystic pool.  Intro: ADVENTURE COMICS #210.

KRYPTON, ROKYN: See Hellsister meta.

DESTRUCTION, THE: Term used by survivors of Krypton to describe the day their homeworld exploded.

LORRA: Love-goddess of old Krypton.  Intro: ACTION COMICS #299.

LOIS LANE: See Hellsister meta.

BATMAN: See Hellsister meta.

CATWOMAN (Selina Kyle Wayne): Former costumed villainess, now a heroine and wife to Bruce Wayne (Batman).  Inspired to take up cats as a crime motif by the felines in her and her father’s pet shop, the Catwoman wielded a cat-o’-nine-tails, had a pet black panther named Hecate, and had many forays against Batman.  Both of them eventually fell in love and married.  Intro: LOIS LANE #70.

SWAMP THING: A plant elemental created when the flora of a swamp, stimulated by Dr. Alec Holland’s biorestorative formula, fed on his corpse and imitated him, taking on a simulation of his consciousness.  Now the common-law husband of Abby Cable.  Intro: SWAMP THING #1.

ABIGAIL (ABBY) ARCANE CABLE: The niece of one of Swamp Thing’s most persistent enemies and daughter of the Patchwork Man, Abby Cable became one of the plant-being’s staunchest allies and later, after her marriage to Matt Cable ended with the latter’s death, became the lover and common-law wife of the Swamp Thing.  Intro: SWAMP THING #3.

FLORONIC MAN (Jason Woodrue): A master criminal of an other-dimensional world inhabited by wood sprites, dryads, and the like, Jason Woodrue was exiled to Earth for his crimes.  He used plants as his crime-tools in several battles with the Atom, before using a chemical to transform himself into a plant-being.  A former member of the Secret Society of Super-Villains and now mainly a rival of the Swamp Thing.  Intro: THE ATOM #1.

THE DARK: See Hellsister meta.

Part 3:

SUPERMAN (Earth-2), LOIS LANE KENT (Earth-2): See Hellsister meta.

MORDRU: See Hellsister meta.

SUPERMAN II, III, IV, V, and VI: See Hellsister meta.

KOBRA: See Hellsister meta.

POWER GIRL: See A Force of Four meta.

INFINITY, INC., BADRA, KIZO, MALA, U-BAN, MARS: See A Force of Four meta.

HARBINGER (Lyla): The former aide to the Monitor, found as a child in a shipwreck on the high seas, later granted powers and made the Monitor’s herald and assistant.  Harbinger has the power to replicate herself many times over, fly, fire energy bolts from her hands, resist weapons fired at her, and use superhuman strength.  She must recharge herself periodically within the Monitor’s satellite.  Intro: NEW TEEN TITANS #21.

MONITOR: Ultrapowerful being created billions of years ago on Oa’s moon in the aftermath of Krona’s horrific experiment, at the same time that the Anti-Monitor was created.  The Monitor became the Anti-Monitor’s greatest enemy, opposing him for almost all of their existence.  In more recent times, he rescued Lyla and turned her into Harbinger.  Finally, after gathering together a number of heroes to help resist the Crisis on Infinite Earths, the Monitor was destroyed by a Harbinger replicate under the Anti-Monitor’s control.  Intro: NEW TEEN TITANS #21.

ALL-STAR SQUADRON: See A Force of Four meta.

PARIAH (Kell): A scientist of a parallel Earth who destroyed his world by conducting a forbidden experiment that allowed him to observe Creation, and who thus aroused an unconscious Anti-Monitor.  Pariah has the power to be drawn to sites of overwhelming danger, and can usually withstand and reverse physical force used against him.  Intro: CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS #1.

ALEX LUTHOR: The last surviving native of Earth-3, and the son of that world’s Alexander and Lois Lane Luthor, Alex Luthor’s body was partially merged with anti-matter when he was sent from Earth-3 to Earth-1.  He has the power to open portals to other worlds.  Intro: CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS #1

QWARD: A world in the anti-matter universe whose inhabitants value evil, and despise good.  The Qwardians worshipped the Anti-Monitor and long opposed the Guardians of the Universe and the Green Lanterns.  Their primary warriors, the Weaponers, could hurt lightning-shaped bolts from a quiver with the power to destroy or teleport.  Intro: GREEN LANTERN #2.

SUPERGIRL OF EARTH 1.5 (KARA OF ROKYN): See Hellsister meta.

WILDFIRE: See Hellsister meta.

RAVEN: See Hellsister meta.

LADY QUARK (Tashana): Last survivor of Earth-6, Lady Quark was the wife of Lord Volt and mother of Lady Fern, both of whom perished in the Crisis on Infinite Earths.  She has inherent nuclear powers, can fire great energy bolts from her hands, and can fly at great speed.  Intro: CRISIS ON INFINTE EARTHS #1.

ZATANNA: See Hellsister meta.

CRIME SYNDICATE OF AMERICA: A group of super-villains from Earth-3, parallel versions of five Justice League members.  Their roster included Ultraman, Superwoman, Power Ring, Johnny Quick, and Owlman.  All of them have since perished in the Crisis on Infinite Earths.  Intro: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #29.

HIGHFATHER (Izaya): Ruler of New Genesis, father of Mr. Miracle, foster father of Orion.  Darkseid’s chief enemy, his wife was killed by Steppenwolf as part of Darkseid’s plot to foment war between New Genesis and Apokolips.  Izaya finally gave up the ways of war to become Highfather when he encountered the Source.  His staff is linked to the Source, and Highfather’s powers include the emission of Alpha Bullets, a counter to Darkseid’s Omega Force.  Intro: NEW GODS #1.

THE SOURCE: A mysterious being, rumored to be or to be linked to the Creator, manifest as a hand which writes firey letters on a black stone wall.  Intro: NEW GODS #1.

METRON: One of the New Gods.  A scientific genius unsurpassed at invention, who was nevertheless willing in times past to make a bargain with Darkseid for the X-Element that powered his Mobius Chair, and for which he did penance by helping Scott Free (Mr. Miracle) escape from Apokolips.  Creator of the Boom Tube, and the New Genesite who presents the coldest exterior.  Intro: NEW GODS #1.

LIGHTRAY (Sollis): Another of the New Gods, Orion’s closest friend.  After being bombarded with solar energy by Apokolips soldiers in his youth, Sollis gained light-based power and became known as Lightray.  He can fly at fantastic speed and generate blasts of great heat and light.  Intro: NEW GODS #1.

Part 4:

CHALLENGERS OF THE UNKNOWN: A group of four adventurers, Prof Haley, Ace Morgan, Rocky Davis, and Red Ryan, all of whom survived a plane crash that should have killed them.  Thinking themselves to be “living on borrowed time”, they banded together to seek adventure as the Challengers of the Unknown.  Later members included sorceress Corinna Stark, long-time ally June Robbins (who marries Prof Haley in this story), and F. Gaylord Clayburn, a semi-official Challenger.  Intro: SHOWCASE #6.

DOOM PATROL: A group of heroes originally assembled by Niles Caulder, the wheelchair-bound genius known as the Chief, to give themselves purpose in life after suffering horrific accidents that transformed them into strange super-heroes.  Three members of the original team died from an enemy’s explosive device, but Robotman survived, and went on to become the nexus of a new team.  Deceased members: Negative Man, the Chief, Elasti-Girl.  Current members: Robotman, Celsius, Tempest, and Negative Woman.  Intro: MY GREATEST ADVENTURE #80.

ROBOTMAN (Cliff Steele): A former race-car driver so badly mangled in a car wreck that only his brain could be saved, by transplanting it into a robot body.  Niles Caulder, the Chief of the Doom Patrol, built the robotic body and performed the transplant.  Robotman served as one of the original Doom Patrol and continues as a New Doom Patroller, after being rebuilt by Doc Will Magnus.  Intro: MY GREATEST ADVENTURE #80.

CELSIUS (Arani Caulder): A mutant and a member of the New Doom Patrol; also the widow of the deceased Chief.  Celsius, a native of India, can generate great bolts of heat with her left hand and cold through her right hand.  Intro: SHOWCASE #94.

NEGATIVE WOMAN (Valentina Vostok): A member of the New Doom Patrol.  A former cosmonaut, Vostok crashed her plane near the site of the original Doom Patrol’s demise and was infused with the negative-energy being that had inhabited Negative Man.  She can release the Negative Woman from her body for a time of up to 60 seconds.  It can fly at great speeds, has energy powers and great strength, and can pass through most solid objects, but can be contained by lead.  She now must wear protective bandages, as did Negative Man, for fear of contaminating others with radioactivity.  Intro: SHOWCASE #94.

TEMPEST (Joshua Clay): A mutant and member of the New Doom Patrol.  Celsius has the power to radiate powerful blasts of bio-energy through his hands, and can fly.  Intro: SHOWCASE #94.

SEA DEVILS: A group of aquatic adventurers who first banded together in search of a lost treasure, and remained together for many sub-sea episodes.  Their members include leader Dane Dorrance, his wife Judy Walton Dorrance, Judy’s brother Nicky Walton, and Biff Bailey.  Dane and sometimes his team serve as members of the Forgotten Heroes.  Intro: SHOWCASE #25.

FORGOTTEN HEROES: A team of heroes, all once famous in their own right, who found themselves censured by the U.S. government when they reported the find of ancient golden pyramids around and inside the Earth.  They banded together in response to the summons of Immortal Man, and remain together to this day.  Members include Animal-Man, Cave Carson, Congo Bill (and Congorilla), Dane Dorrance, Dolphin, Immortal Man, Rick Flagg, and Rip Hunter, plus sometimes the rest of the Sea Devils and Suicide Squad and Rip Hunter’s and Cave Carson’s teams.  Intro: ACTION COMICS #552.

RIP HUNTER: Time traveller and member of the Forgotten Heroes.  Rip Hunter and his partner Jeff Smith formulated a theory of time travel in college and created the Time Sphere to let them travel through history and the future.  Rip’s team of adventurers includes Jeff, Bonnie Baxter, and Bonnie’s brother Corky.  Intro: SHOWCASE #20.

RICK FLAGG: Leader of the Suicide Squad and member of the Forgotten Heroes.  Rick Flagg took over the Squad, which had earlier been led by his father during World War II, and took on assignments which brought the team into conflict with such varied menaces as aliens, dinosaurs, and criminals.  Other Squad members include Jess Bright, Dr. Hugh Evans, and Karin Grace.  Intro: BRAVE AND THE BOLD #25.

CONGO BILL / CONGORILLA: An adventurer, soldier of fortune, and troubleshooter based in Africa, Congo Bill was given a ring by a dying witch doctor which had the power to transfer his consciousness into the body of a great golden gorilla, known as Congorilla.  When the transfer is made, the ape’s mind is in control of Bill’s body, which must be restrained.  Member of the Forgotten Heroes.  Intro: ACTION COMICS #1 (as Congo Bill), ACTION COMICS #248 (as Congorilla).

ANIMAL-MAN (Buddy Baker): Member of the Forgotten Heroes.  Buddy Baker gained the power to imitate the abilities of animals in his vicinity after being bathed with radiation from a crashed alien craft.  Intro: STRANGE ADVENTURES #180.
DOLPHIN: Member of the Forgotten Heroes. A mysterious beauty who can breathe both air and water, though she must return to water every five or six hours or face suffocation.  Intro: SHOWCASE #79.

ATOMIC KNIGHT (Gardner Grayle): Member of the Forgotten Heroes.  Formerly an Army sergeant who experienced an isolation-tank fantasy (or tapped into an alternate reality) of leading a band of Atomic Knights in an America which had experienced an atomic war, Gardner Grayle was freed of the tank by Superman.  He has some limited precognitive ability and uses a suit of armor, stolen from S.T.A.R. labs, which can produce energy blasts and a force field and increases his strength.  Intro: STRANGE ADVENTURES #117.

TINO MANARRY: Brother of Red Ryan of the Challengers, a former rock star who originally fought the Challs when he thought they had caused his brother’s death, then became their friend and ally.  Intro: CHALLENGERS OF THE UNKNOWN #55.

THE ENCHANTRESS (June Moone): Leader of the Forgotten Villains.  June Moone gained mystical powers from a being in an ancient castle and had a few adventures as a heroine, but turned evil when prevented by Supergirl from gaining overwhelming power that would disrupt the natural laws of the universe.  Intro: STRANGE ADVENTURES #187.

THE FORGOTTEN VILLAINS: A group of long-inactive villains who banded together to conquer the universe.  Their members include the Enchantress, the Atom-Master, the Faceless Creature, Kraklow, Mr. Poseidon, and Ultivac.  Intro: DC COMICS PRESENTS #77.

THE FLASH: See Hellsister meta.

SHADOW-DEMONS: Qwardian warriors transformed by the Anti-Monitor into living shadows.  They can cause great cold, pain, or death by their touch.  Intro: CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS #1.

SHAZAM: See Hellsister meta.


SQUADRON OF JUSTICE: A group of Earth-S heroes brought together by Radar and the Phantom Eagle in 1954 to help fight the Monster Society of Evil, and later revived by Shazam and Mercury during a crisis that threatened three Earths.  Their membership includes Spy Smasher, Ibis the Invincible, Mr. Scarlet, Pinky, Bulletman, and Bulletgirl.  Former members include Radar, Phantom Eagle, Mr. Midnight and Miss Midnight.  Intro: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #135.

IBIS THE INVINCIBLE: See Hellsister meta.

BULLETMAN (Jim Barr): Member of the Squadron of Justice. A police scientist who designed the Gravity Helmet that allows him to fly and repels bullets, and a serum which greatly increased his strength.  Native of Earth-S.  Intro: NICKEL COMICS #1.

BULLETGIRL (Susan Kent Barr): Member of the Squadron of Justice, Bulletman’s wife and partner.  Equipped with a Gravity Helmet of her own and endowed with greater-than-average strength from Jim Barr’s serum.  Intro: MASTER COMICS #13 (as Bulletgirl).

KID ETERNITY (Kit Freeman): Brother of Captain Marvel, Jr.  Kit died before his assigned time when his grandfather’s fishing smack was shelled by a Nazi craft.  To recompense him, Shazam and a ghostly being known as Mr. Keeper gave Kit the power to alternate between human and ghostly existence, and to summon deceased persons from the past back to life to aid him, by saying the word “Eternity”.  Saying “Eternity” again returns his allies to the past.  Intro: HIT COMICS #25.

ISIS (Andrea Thomas): An archaeologist and teacher who became the modern incarnation of an ancient Egyptian sorceress (who was given her powers by Shazam) through the power of an amulet, and by saying the words, “O mighty Isis!”.  Her magical powers give her control over elemental forces.  Native of Earth-S.  Intro: ISIS #1.

JEZEBELLE: One of the New Gods, formerly of Apokolips.  Once a student of Granny Goodness’s, Jezebelle has the power to shoot forth bolts of power and heat from her eyes, and can also fly.  Intro: NEW GODS #12.

BUG (Forager): One of New Genesis’s “bug” race of people who evolved into an insect-based culture, Forager broke with his tribe to aid Orion at the behest of the Prime One, his colony’s leader.  He has great speed, strength, and climbing ability, can run up walls thanks to the “adheso-pads” on his feet, and can hurl acid pods.  Intro: NEW GODS #9.

SGT. THOMAS “TERRIBLE” TURPIN: Metropolis police detective, and one of the toughest guys on the entire force.  Has dealt with the New Gods in times past.  Intro: NEW GODS #5.

DAVE STEVENS: Daily Planet reporter.  Intro: LOIS LANE #106.

MELBA MANTON: Daily Planet reporter.  Intro: LOIS LANE #131.

MEG TEMPEST: Daily Planet reporter.  Intro: JIMMY OLSEN #149.

PERCY BRATTON: Daily Planet reporter.  Intro: JIMMY OLSEN #151.

Part 5:

SERPENHOTEP: An ancient Egyptian sorceror and enemy of Isis’s.  In his first modern encounter with her, Serpenhotep lost the battle but exchanged his mind with that of Rick Mason, her acquaintance.  Using Rick’s body, Serpenhotep deceived Isis (as Andrea Thomas) and gradually placed her under her power, until the events of this story.  Intro: ISIS #7.

ISIS (original): An ancient Egyptian woman given magical powers by the sorceror Shazam to help free him of a trap.  Her amulet and magic powers have been passed down to Andrea Thomas, the modern Isis.  Intro: ISIS #7.

THREE LIEUTENANT MARVELS: Three youths, all named Billy Batson, who gained the power to become superheroes, each with Captain Marvel’s powers and uniform, when they yelled the word “Shazam!” in conjunction with the original Billy Batson to escape a trap of Sivana’s.  They called themselves “kind of Second Lieutenant Marvels”, and were known as Hill Marvel, Fat Marvel, and Tall Marvel.  The Lieutenant Marvels operated infrequently, and usually had to say the “Shazam” word all together with another member of the Marvel Family to activate the change.  Intro: WHIZ COMICS #21.

KALIBAK: Son of Darkseid and Suli, a witch, half-brother and hated enemy of Orion.  Kalibak has the form of a primitive caveman and a demeanor to match, but is a savage fighter with great strength and near-invulnerability to normal amounts of harm.  He wields a “beta-club” which can emit nerve-blasts that cause agonizing pain.  Intro: NEW GODS #1.

DR. BEDLAM: An agent of Darkseid who now exists only as psionic energy which can take over the blank body of one of his android Animates and, possessing it, impose his physical features on it.  A master scientist, Bedlam is an expert at inducing fear and one of Mr. Miracle’s greatest enemies.  Intro: MR. MIRACLE #2.

Part 6:

DR. MIST: Leader of the Global Guardians, an African wizard who has lived more than 11,000 years on Earth-1.  His powers are derived from the Pillar of Flame which also gave Ayesha, the legendary She, her powers (see H. Rider Haggard’s SHE and sequels).  He founded the ancient African city-state of Kor and misused his great magic powers in the past, a deed he does penance for through heroism.  Intro (DCU): DC COMICS PRESENTS #46.

DR. FATE: See Hellsister meta.

GLOBAL GUARDIANS: A team of international heroes headed by Dr. Mist, coming from nations around the world.  Their membership includes Dr. Mist (Africa), the Little Mermaid (Denmark), the Seraph (Israel), Godiva (England), Jack O’Lantern (Ireland), Green Fury (Brazil), the Olympian (Greece), Icemaiden (Norway), Bushmaster (Venezuala), the Tasmanian Devil (Australia), Impala (South Africa), Tuatara (New Zealand), Owlwoman (USA), the Wild Huntsman (Germany), Thunderlord (Taiwan), and the Rising Sun (Japan).  Intro: SUPER FRIENDS #7-9, 12, 13, 26, 45; DC COMICS PRESENTS #46 (DCU).

NABU, INZA CRAMER NELSON: See A Force of Four meta.

THE BUSHMASTER (Bernal Rojas): A Venezualan super-hero with gimmicks that enable him to imitate the ability of certain reptiles. Member of the Global Guardians.  Intro (DCU): DC COMICS PRESENTS #46.

THE LITTLE MERMAID (Ulla Paske): A Danish superheroine who is actually an Atlantean-born mutant.  She can change her legs into a fish tail and fly, but can only spend 30 hours underwater.  Member of the Global Guardians.  Intro (DCU): DC COMICS PRESENTS #46.

THE SERAPH (Chaim Lavon): A Jewish superhero from Israel, who wields the mantle of Elijah, the staff of Moses, the magic ring of Solomon, and the strength of Samson.  Member of the Global Guardians.  Intro (DCU): DC COMICS PRESENTS #46.

GODIVA (Dorcas Leigh): An English superheroine who has long hair which she can cause to take any shape and harden into a substance as hard as a rhinoceros’s horn.  Member of the Global Guardians.  Intro (DCU): DC COMICS PRESENTS #46.

JACK O’LANTERN (Daniel Cormac): An Irish superhero who wields a magic lantern given to him by the fairy queen Maeve.  Member of the Global Guardians.  Intro (DCU): DC COMICS PRESENTS #46.

THE GREEN FURY (Beatriz da Costa): A Brazilian superheroine who can breathe green flames, either hot or cold, and shoot sparks from her eyes to create illusions.  Member of the Global Guardians.  Intro (DCU): DC COMICS PRESENTS #46.

THE OLYMPIAN (Aristides Demetrios): A Greek superhero who wears the legendary Golden Fleece as a cape and mask, enabling him to utilize the powers of the fifty heroes who sought the Fleece with Jason.  Member of the Global Guardians.  Intro (DCU): DC COMICS PRESENTS #46.

ICEMAIDEN (Sigrid Nansen): A Norwegian superheroine with absolute power over ice and snow.  Member of the Global Guardians.  Intro (DCU): DC COMICS PRESENTS #46.

THE TASMANIAN DEVIL (Hugh Dawkins): An Australian superhero who, in emergencies, can grow to great size and use super-strength and super-speed.  Member of the Global Guardians.  Intro (DCU): DC COMICS PRESENTS #46.

IMPALA (Mbulaze): A South African hero of the Zulu tribe, with great speed and leaping abilities.  Member of the Global Guardians.  Intro (DCU): DC COMICS PRESENTS #46.

TUATARA (Jeremy Wakefield): A New Zealand hero with a third eye that enables him to see through time.  Member of the Global Guardians.  Intro (DCU): DC COMICS PRESENTS #46.

OWLWOMAN (Wenonah Littlebird): An Indian superheroine from Oklahoma who can fly and see in pitch darkness.  Member of the Global Guardians.  Intro (DCU): DC COMICS PRESENTS #46.

THE WILD HUNTSMAN (Albrecht von Mannheim): A German superhero who wields a magical sword, shield, axe, and helmet, astride a flying black steed called Orkan, with a powerful black hound called Donnerschlag.  Member of the Global Guardians.  Intro (DCU): DC COMICS PRESENTS #46.

THUNDERLORD (Liang Xih-k’ai): A Taiwanese superhero with a voice of incredible sonic power, able to shatter anything from glass or steel with its vibrations.  He can also perfectly imitate any sound.  Member of the Global Guardians.  Intro (DCU): DC COMICS PRESENTS #46.

THE RISING SUN (Izumi Yasunari): A Japanese superhero who is a human solar battery, deriving his powers from sunlight.  He can create solar winds, heat, and light, and fly due to his power over magnetic fields.  Member of the Global Guardians and the Team of Three.  Intro (DCU): DC COMICS PRESENTS #46.

DOCTOR LIGHT II (Kimiyo Hoshi): A Japanese superheroine who gained (from the Monitor) star-born power over light itself, able to create light blasts ranging from illumination to laser beams, and who also has the power to fly; she is supposedly unable to operate in the dark.  Member of the Global Guardians and the Team of Three.  Intro: CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS #4.

SUNBURST (Takeo Sato): A Japanese superhero with sun-based powers of heat and light, who once battled Superboy when his powers were not totally under his control.  In the years since, he has mastered his superheroic abilities.  Member of the Global Guardians and the Team of Three.  Intro: NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERBOY #45.

TEAM OF THREE: A group of three Japanese superheroes, Dr. Light, the Rising Sun, and Sunburst, who are all also members of the Global Guardians. Intro: this story.

THE OUTSIDERS: See Hellsister meta.

NEW TITANS, aka NEW TEEN TITANS, aka TEEN TITANS. See Hellsister meta.

TERRY LONG: Husband of Wonder Girl.  Intro: NEW TEEN TITANS (1st series) #8.

WONDER GIRL (Donna Hinckley Stacey Troy Long): Member of the New Teen Titans.  Donna Troy was found as a babe in a burning building by Wonder Woman, who took her to Paradise Island where she was raised by the Amazons and given super-powers by the Purple Ray.  She has super-strength and speed comparable to that of Wonder Woman, her adoptive sister, and wields a lasso and Amazonium bracelets.  Married to Terry Long.  Intro: BRAVE AND THE BOLD #60.


DR. WILL “DOC” MAGNUS: Brilliant robotic scientist and creator of the Metal Men.  Now married to Tina, his own platinum robot.  Intro: SHOWCASE #37.

METAL MEN: A team of robots with human mentalities and emotions and incredibly flexible bodies, created by Dr. Will Magnus.  Their members include Gold, Iron, Lead, Mercury, Platinum (Tina), and Tin, plus Nameless, a female tin robot who was later destroyed in battle.  Intro: SHOWCASE #37.

KATHY SUTTON: The human love interest of the Red Tornado.  Intro: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #106.

MERA: Wife of Aquaman, mother of the deceased Aquababy, former queen of an otherdimensional water-world, now queen of Atlantis.  Mera has the ability to shape water into various hard forms and control it.  Intro: AQUAMAN #11.

DIANE MEADE: A policewoman in Middletown, once J’onn J’onzz’s love interest.  Intro: DETECTIVE COMICS #246.

DIABOLU: An ancient sorceror whose cursed Idol-Head bedevilled J’onn J’onzz for over a year.  Intro: HOUSE OF MYSTERY #158.

RAVEN: See Hellsister meta.

HALO (Gabrielle Doe): Superheroine and member of the Outsiders.  After Violet Harper was murdered by the villainess Syonide, her dying body was probed by an Aurikle, a sentient light-form from another dimension, which found itself trapped within her body.  The shock bound the Aurikle to the now-revived-and-healed body, but erased Violet’s memory.  Halo has the power to radiate auras (or halos) about herself, each with a different color and a different power.  For instance, a red halo emits heat blasts, an orange halo produces force blasts, and a green halo is a stasis beam.  Intro: BRAVE AND THE BOLD #200.

KATANA (Tatsu Yamashiro): Superheroine and member of the Outsiders.  After her husband and children were murdered by her husband’s jealous brother, Tatsu swore revenge, gained possession of a soul-taking sword, and adopted the name and costume of Katana.  She eventually killed her husband’s murderer, with his soul remaining in her sword to this day.  Intro: BRAVE AND THE BOLD #200.

GEO-FORCE (Brion Markov): Superhero and member of the Outsiders, and brother of the deceased Terra.  A prince of Markovia, a small European nation, Brion Markov was given super-powers by Dr. Helen Jace to repel Baron Bedlam, who had taken over his country.  Geo-Force has powers deriving from the Earth itself, giving him the ability to reduce or increase the force of gravity, lava blasts, super-strength, and great durability.  Intro: BRAVE AND THE BOLD #200.

FIRESTORM: See Hellsister meta.

OBERON: Mr. Miracle’s assistant, a man of dwarfish size but great efficiency and humor.  Intro:  MR. MIRACLE #1.

SECRET SOCIETY OF SUPER-VILLAINS: A large group of super-villains, mostly from Earth-1 but later encompassing villains from Earth-2, organized by Darkseid to serve him, but which immediately broke away from him and conducted operations on its own.  In the past, its membership included Angle Man, Bizarro, Blockbuster, Brain Wave (deceased), Captain Boomerang, Captain Cold, Captain Stingaree, Cheetah, Chronos, Copperhead, Felix Faust, Floronic Man, Grodd, Hi-Jack (formerly Jack of Clubs), Killer Frost, Killer Moth, Lex Luthor, Manhunter (deceased), the Matter Master, the Mirror Master, the Mist, the Monocle, Poison Ivy, the Psycho-Pirate, the Quakemaster, the Rag Doll, Reverse-Flash (Prof. Zoom), the Shadow-Thief, the Silver Ghost, Sinestro, Signalman, the Sizematic Twins, Star Sapphire II, the Trickster, the Ultra-Humanite, and the Wizard.  Now, under Darkseid’s control again, it comprises virtually every super-villain on five Earths.  Intro: SECRET SOCIETY OF SUPER-VILLAINS #1.

INTER-GANG: A group of Earth criminals given Apokoliptic technology with which to serve Darkseid.  Intro: JIMMY OLSEN #133.

PARADEMONS: Airborne demon-troops of Darkseid’s.  Intro: NEW GODS #1.

FASTBAK: A speedy New God of New Genesis with speed rivalling Lightray’s.  Intro: NEW GODS #5.

Part 7:

FRIENDS OF SUPERMAN (nee` FRIENDS OF SUPERBOY): A group of super-powered individuals, most on other planets but a few on Earth-1, who were befriended by Superman or Superboy (and, sometimes, Supergirl) in days past and secretly work to benefit him.  Their membership includes Kral, Garokk, Asmo Coven, Dyno-Man, Luma Lynai, Marvel Maid, Marvel Man, Power Man, Mighty Man, Ron-Avon, and several others.  Intro: This story.

KRAL: Superbeing from Saturn’s moon of Titan.  First sent to Earth to determine its susceptibility to invasion, Kral was befriended by Superboy and returned to his world to secretly work against the tyrants who ruled it.  Leader of the Friends of Superboy.  Intro: ADVENTURE COMICS #205.

GAROKK (Gary): Sorceror born to two homo magi parents, who met Clark Kent when both of them were infants and became friends with him.  Garokk later met and aided Superboy in at least one adventure.  Member of the Friends of Superman.  Intro: SUPERBOY #178.

ASMO COVEN: Sorceror and son of the late Faustus Coven, who once separated Superboy’s spirit from his body.  Asmo reformed at the end of that adventure and later used his magic powers secretly for good.  Member of the Friends of Superman.  Intro: SUPERBOY #175.

DYNO-MAN: Superhero of the planet Sorrta, and friend of Superman.  Member of the Friends of Superman.  Intro: SUPERMAN #205.

LUMA LYNAI: Superheroine from the planet Staryl with powers similar to Supergirl’s, of whom she is a virtual double.  The rays of Earth’s yellow sun are deadly to her.  Intro: ACTION COMICS #289.

MARVEL MAID (Lea Lindy), MARVEL MAN (Ken Clark): Two superheroes from the planet Terra whose powers and appearance are duplicates of those of Supergirl and Superman, respectively, except for the “M” shield on their costumes.  Marvel Maid arrived on Terra before Marvel Man, and trained him. Both are vulnerable to diamonds. Members of the Friends of Superboy. Intro: ACTION COMICS #272.

POWER-MAN (nee` POWER-BOY; Zarl Vorne): A superhero originally from Earth who was rocketed to the asteroid of Juno, whose lower gravity gave him super-powers.  He was met and befriended by Superboy, who, unfortunately, discovered that his presence was deadly to Power-Boy and had to leave him.  Member of the Friends of Superman.  Intro: SUPERBOY #52.

MIGHTY MAN (nee` MIGHTY BOY; Zarl Kazzan, formerly Keith): A superhero from the planet Zumoor who became friends with Superboy for a time until the Boy of Steel learned his body acted like Red Kryptonite to Mighty Boy.  Member of the Friends of Superman.  Intro: SUPERBOY #85.

RON-AVON: Superhero from the planet Belgor, forced into battles with Superboy by his world’s tyrannical rulers.  When Ron was defeated, the penalty was death, but Superboy managed to save his life.  Ron-Avon helped overthrow his planet’s government and became friends with Superboy.  Member of the Friends of Superman.  Intro: SUPERBOY #141.

BRAKON: Caretaker of New Genesis’s Field of Heroes, a veterans’ cemetary.  Intro: This story.

GUARDIANS OF THE UNIVERSE: A race of blue-skinned humanoids of great power, native to the planet Oa.  When Krona, one of their number, unleashed evil on the universe (and supposedly created the Multiverse) by trying to gain the forbidden knowledge of the universe’s origin, they recompensed for his sin by deputizing beings to fight evil throughout the universe--first, the android Manhunters, who later became defective and evil, and later, the Green Lantern Corps, powered by rings drawing energy from the Central Power Battery on Oa.  Intro: GREEN LANTERN #1.

GREEN LANTERN CORPS: See Hellsister meta.

GREEN LANTERN (Hal Jordan): See Hellsister meta.

GREEN LANTERN (John Stewart): An African-American Green Lantern from Earth who was chosen as Hal Jordan’s emergency substitute when Guy Gardner was injured.  Later, when Hal gave up being a Green Lantern for a time, John Stewart became a full-time Green Lantern, and retained his status even when Hal reclaimed his power ring.  Married to Korugan Green Lantern Katma Tui.  Member of the Green Lantern Corps.  Intro: GREEN LANTERN #87.

GREEN LANTERN (Kilowog): A Green Lantern from Bolovax Vix.  His strength and bulk are greater than human standards, and he is a mainstay of the Green Lantern Corps unit which now resides on Earth.  Intro: GREEN LANTERN #149.

GREEN LANTERN (Katma Tui): The female Green Lantern, formerly of Korugar, where she took the place of the deposed Sinestro.  Katma Tui left her homeworld to help train John Stewart on Earth.  She later married him and is a mainstay of the Green Lantern Corps unit on Earth.  Intro: GREEN LANTERN #30.

GREEN LANTERN (Salaak): An acerbic alien Green Lantern with a pickle-shaped head who is one of the members of the Green Lantern Corps unit on Earth.  Intro: DC SPECIAL SERIES #1.

BLACK LANTERNS (aka ANTI-GREEN LANTERN CORPS): An army of Qwardians who wielded modified power rings that were deadly to them, but who made a decent standing against the Green Lantern Corps in battle.  Intro:  GREEN LANTERN #150.

GREEN LANTERN (Tomar-Re): Birdlike Green Lantern from the planet Xudar, who once attempted to stop Krypton from exploding but failed.  Tomar-Re became Hal Jordan’s best friend among the Green Lantern Corps early on and shared many adventures with him.  He was finally killed in battle and relinquished his ring to John Stewart, which allowed Hal Jordan to reclaim his own ring.  Intro: GREEN LANTERN #6.

GREEN LANTERN (Sodam Yat): Green Lantern of Daxam, homeworld of Mon-El of the Legion of Super-Heroes.  Sodam Yat not only possesses a power ring, but all the super-powers common to Daxamites (and Kryptonians) once out of the range of his planet’s red sun.  However, he also shares the Daxamites’ deadly weakness to lead.  Intro: TALES OF THE GREEN LANTERN CORPS ANNUAL #2.

HONOR TEAM: A group of super-heroes native to the planet Thronn.  Their members include Strong Girl, Magicko, Golden Blade, and the Green Lantern of their planet.  Their former member, Energiman, sacrificed his life to contact Hal Jordan, Green Lantern of Earth, to come to their aid when the team was trapped by an enemy.  Intro: GREEN LANTERN #32.

PROMETHEAN GIANTS: A race of beings who tried to learn the secret of the Source and, for their impertinence, were turned into cosmic giants and attached to asteroids to drift helplessly through the cosmos forever.  Intro: NEW GODS #5.

METAMORPHO (Rex Mason): Superhero and member of the Outsiders.  A soldier of fortune for billionaire industrialist Simon Stagg, Rex Mason was doublecrossed by his aide Java while exploring an Egyptian pyramid and fell into a secret chamber where he was exposed to the rays of a strange meteor.  The radiation changed him into a grotesque but powerful being with the ability to change himself into any element found in the human body, in whatever form he could conceive.  Intro: BRAVE AND THE BOLD #57.

ELEMENT GIRL (Urania Caldwell): Superheroine and member of the Outsiders.  A United States intelligence agent who was exposed to the same meteor that transformed Rex Mason into Metamorpho, and underwent the same elemental change.  Her powers are the same as Metamorpho’s.  Intro: METAMORPHO #10.

BLACK LIGHTNING (Jefferson Pierce): Superhero and member of the Outsiders.  Jeff Pierce became a masked hero to help fight the criminal band called the 100 in his neighborhood of Suicide Slum in Metropolis.  He at first employed a power belt that gave him electricity-hurling powers, and later gained the powers himself.  Intro: BLACK LIGHTNING #1.

THE CREEPER (Jack Ryder): Superhero and member of the Outsiders.  Jack Ryder, a TV security investigator (later a TV reporter), adopted an outlandish costume to gain entrance to a costume ball in a house in which a scientist was being held prisoner.  The scientist was killed by the criminals who held him, but bequeathed to Jack Ryder a serum which gave him as much physical power and agility as a normal human being is capable of at his peak, and a control device that could dematerialize or rematerialize his costume at the twist of a dial.  As the Creeper, he became wanted by the police due to a mishap, and also has a heavy price on his head in underworld circles.  Though technically an outlaw, the Creeper is a secret member of the Outsiders.  Intro: SHOWCASE #73.

PLASTIC MAN (Eddie “Eel” O’Brian): A former gangster who was shot by his cronies at the scene of a robbery and fell into a vat of acid.  Later nursed back to health at a monastery, O’Brian found that the acid had given his body the power to stretch to great lengths.  He created the identity of Plastic Man, became a superhero to prey on crooks like the ones in his former gang (whom he also jailed), and became an NBI agent.  After several collaborations with Batman, he finally joined the Outsiders.  Intro: BRAVE AND THE BOLD #76.

ELONGATED MAN: See Hellsister meta.

Part 8:

DANEETA: Lover of Pariah in ages past, killed in the holocaust he unleashed when he learned the secret origin of the Universe.  Intro: This story.

FURY: See A Force of Four meta.

STAR-SPANGLED KID: See A Force of Four meta.

LOOKER (Emily “Lia” Briggs): Superheroine and member of the Outsiders.  Emily Briggs was a member of the royal dynasty of Abyssia, a subterranean civilization, and gained great psi-powers from being exposed to a fragment of Halley’s Comet.  She was to be the pawn between two factions which wished to use her powers against the surface world, but was saved by the Outsiders, whom she subsequently joined.  Intro: THE OUTSIDERS #1.

MONGUL: Supervillain and former space tyrant with super-strength even greater than Superman’s, who crossed swords with the Man of Steel, Supergirl, J’onn J’onzz, Starman of Earth-1, the Legion of Super-Heroes, Batman, Robin, and Wonder Woman.   He was the former master of Warworld, a mechanized weapon-planet.  Intro: DC COMICS PRESENTS #27.
Part 9:

BLACK CONDOR (Richard Grey, alias Sen. Tom Wright): Superhero and member of the Freedom Fighters of Earth-X.  Richard Grey is a mutant (though he may also have been exposed to the rays of a strange meteor) with the power to fly.  While he was a baby, his parents were killed by bandits in Mongolia and he was raised by an intelligent tribe of condors who soon learned of his flight ability.  Years later, he was found by a priest who taught him the ways of the world.  Richard Grey later created a costume and fought evil as the Black Condor in the 1940's on Earth-2, taking up the identity of the late Sen. Thomas Wright, who was his physical double.  He later joined Uncle Sam in the Freedom Fighters to fight the Nazis of Earth-X, and remained with the team after they were finally victorious.  Intro: CRACK COMICS #1.

THE RAY (Langford “Happy” Terrill): Superhero and member of the Freedom Fighters of Earth-X.  Newspaper reporter Happy Terrill was transformed by the power of an electrical storm, giving him the power to radiate heat, light, or electricity, fly, and even at times turn himself into pure light.  He hailed from Earth-2 but joined Uncle Sam in the Freedom Fighters to battle the Nazis of Earth-X.  Intro: SMASH COMICS #14.

THE HUMAN BOMB (Roy Lincoln): Superhero and member of the Freedom Fighters of Earth-X.  Roy Lincoln, a chemist, gained the power of explosive formula 27-QRX when he had to drink it to keep it out of the hands of Nazi spies.  The explosive power settled in his hands, and gave Roy the power to create great blasts by touching objects with his bare hands.  He wears gloves and, in his superheroic identity, a protective lab suit.  He came from Earth-2 but joined Uncle Sam in the Freedom Fighters to battle the Nazis of Earth-X.  Intro: POLICE COMICS #1.

DOLL MAN (Darrell Dane): Superhero and member of the Freedom Fighters of Earth-X.  Darrell Dane developed a shrinking serum in 1939 that gave him the power to shrink to 6 inches in height and return to normal size at will.  Since he was the size of a doll, he gave himself the superheroic name of the Doll Man.  He originally came from Earth-2 but answered the call of Uncle Sam to fight the Nazis of Earth-X in the Freedom Fighters.  Intro: FEATURE COMICS #27.

FIREBRAND I (Rod Reilly): Costumed hero and member of the Freedom Fighters of Earth-X.  Rod Reilly was a bored playboy who became a costumed crime-fighter with the help of his friend Slugger Dunn.  He was wounded by the Japanese in the attack on Pearl Harbor, but later recovered and joined Uncle Sam’s Freedom Fighters to fight the Nazis of Earth-X.  He was later transformed into silver while fighting the Silver Ghost, but both he and the Ghost were restored to normality by Usa.  He is the brother of Dannette Reilly, the second Firebrand.  Intro: POLICE COMICS #1.

USA: Superheroine and member of the Freedom Fighters of Earth-X.  Usa was a normal American woman at the time of the Revolution who was given super-powers roughly equivalent to Uncle Sam’s by the Spirit of America, thanks in part to having part of the American flag created by Betsy Ross.  She joined the Freedom Fighters on Earth-X but was captured by Nazis, frozen in suspended animation, and mentally merged with King Killer, Uncle Sam’s greatest foe.  When the Freedom Fighters returned to Earth-X, she was released to attack them, but Uncle Sam managed to separate her from King Killer and restored her to heroism.  She now has rejoined the Fighters and is Uncle Sam’s love interest.  Besides her great strength and speed, Usa wields a “Freedom Torch” that can shoot mystical flames.  Intro: FEATURE COMICS #42.

PHANTOM LADY (Sandra Knight): Superheroine and member of the Freedom Fighters of Earth-X, and cousin to Starman of Earth-2.  Sandra Knight, daughter of Senator Knight, had designed a black light ray and was inspired to become a heroine when one of two kidnappers whom she stopped from taking her father hostage called her a “phantom lady”.  She later joined the Freedom Fighters to help fight the Nazis of Earth-X, and a later passage to Earth-One gave her the power to become immaterial at will.  Intro: POLICE COMICS #1.

CAPTAIN NAZI (Albrecht Krieger): Supervillain from Earth-S, member of the Monster Society of Evil.  German youth Albrecht Krieger was fed a “miracle food” created by his father Siegmund which gave him super-strength, super-speed, and great intelligence.  During World War II, Adolf Hitler turned him into the costumed Captain Nazi as a counterforce to America’s super-heroes.  On his first foray into America, he crippled Freddy Freeman and killed his grandfather.  Subsequently, Freddy became Captain Marvel, Jr. and became Captain Nazi’s bitterest enemy.  Nazi, foreseeing the fall of the Reich, put himself in suspended animation and emerged decades later to confront the Marvel Family again.  Intro: MASTER COMICS #21.

M’SIEU MALLAH: A gorilla whose intelligence was raised to genius status by the Brain, who made Mallah his right-hand ape in the Brotherhood of Evil.  Mallah became one of the Doom Patrol’s greatest enemies, and today serves in the New Brotherhood of Evil as a foe of the New Titans.  Intro: DOOM PATROL #86.

THE ICICLE (Dr. Joar Makent): Supervillain and member of the Injustice Society of the World and the Crime Champions.  Joar Makent, a European physicist, developed a cold-ray gun that could create ice and incredibly low temperatures.  He became a foe of Earth-2's Green Lantern and the Justice Society.  Intro: ALL-AMERICAN COMICS #90.

VIRMAN VUNDABAR: Servant of Darkseid and Granny Goodness, Virman Vundabar was an Apokolips orphan raised in Granny’s brutal “military school”.  Though very short in stature, Vundabar became a cunning military strategist and a scientist skilled at developing deadly traps, and adopted Prussian dress and efficiency.  Vundabar became one of Mr. Miracle’s rogues gallery.  Intro: MR. MIRACLE #5.

NIGHTMASTER (Jim Rook): A rock star (and lately a record producer), Jim Rook was actually the descendant of Nacht, a warrior of the otherworldly realm of Myrra.  Rook was brought from Earth to Myrra by King Zolto, who needed his help in fighting the Warlocks who threatened his nation.  Impelled to stay by the fact that the Warlocks had kidnapped his girlfriend, Jim Rook took up the costume of Nacht and the Sword of Night, a seemingly-sentient weapon which guides him in battle, fills him with unusual strength, deflects magic bolts, and hums in the presence of danger.  After defeating the Warlocks and rescuing his girlfriend, Nightmaster returned to Earth and to his Jim Rook identity, until the events of this story.  Intro: SHOWCASE #82.

JANET ROOK: Wife of Jim Rook, aka Nightmaster.  Intro: SHOWCASE #82.

JACK AND JANIE ROOK: Children of Nightmaster and Janet Rook.  Intro: This story.

AMETHYST (Amy Winston): A teenaged heroine and sorceress who is a descendant of the House of Amethyst on the otherdimensional planet called Gemworld.  When her father and mother were killed by the Dark Lord of the House of Opal, Amethyst, as an infant, was sent through a spacewarp to Earth, where she was adopted by the Winston family.  13 years later, she was abducted back to Gemworld, where she learned of her heritage and abilities.  After the defeat of Dark Opal, Amethyst divided her time between Earth and Gemworld.  Intro: LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES #298.

JENNIFER MORGAN: Daughter of Travis Morgan, the Warlord, Jennifer went on an expedition to find her father when she learned he was still alive and entered Skartaris.  After an episode with the Warlord’s enemy Deimos, Jennifer was taught sorcery by the witch Ashiya, who made her physically resemble her late mother.  Jennifer later defeates Ashiya when the witch attacked the Warlord, and has now become sorceress supreme of Skartaris.  Intro: WARLORD #38.

THE KRYPTONITE MAN (nee’ THE KRYPTONITE KID): A former alien juvenile delinquent whose body became imbued with green Kryptonite radiation when he passed in a spacecraft through a cloud of gaseous green K in space.  The Kryptonite Kid came to Earth and became one of Superboy’s deadliest foes, later encountering him once as Superman.  Intro: SUPERBOY #83.

THE BLACK RACER: A ski-riding herald of Death to the inhabitants of New Genesis and Apokolips.  The Black Racer, who travels at incredible speed, can bring death with a touch.  During the onset of the recent phase of Apokolips / New Genesis conflict, the Black Racer was drawn to Earth, where he merged with the body of paralyzed Vietnam vet Willie Walker.  When Walker transforms into the Black Racer, he is fully mobile.  Intro: NEW GODS #3.

VERNA WALKER JOHNSON, RAY JOHNSON: Willie Walker’s sister and brother-in-law, respectively.  Intro: NEW GODS #3.

Part 10:

SHADE, THE CHANGING MAN (Rac Shade): An extradimensional hero from the world of Meta, Rac Shade was a top security agent on his world till framed for treason and murder by the Supreme Decider, the head of a criminal conspiracy to take over Earth and Meta.  Rac Shade broke free and recovered the M-Vest, an experimental weapon that generates a force field and creates distorted illusions of his body in opponents’ minds.  With the help of his partner and lover Mellu Loron, Shade was finally able to defeat the conspiracy and clear his name.  Intro: SHADE THE CHANGING MAN #1.

MELLU LORON: Rac Shade’s love interest and partner.  Mellu Loron was trained by Shade, but later turned on him when she thought he had caused an explosion that crippled both her parents.  Mellu attempted to hunt Shade down and kill him until she learned the truth.  Later, she helped Shade clear his name.  Intro: SHADE THE CHANGING MAN #1.

SUPREME DECIDER (Mira Loron): A robotic body animated by the control of Mira Loron, Mellu Loron’s mother and the secret ruler of a crime conspiracy on Meta.  Intro: SHADE THE CHANGING MAN #2.

WIZOR: Metan friend of Shade.  Intro: SHADE THE CHANGING MAN #1.

DR. Z.Z.: A member of the crime conspiracy on Meta.  Intro: SHADE THE CHANGING MAN #6.

AREA OF MADNESS: A sector of the Zero Zone between Meta and Earth.  Those who enter it are almost inevitably doomed to go mad and spend the rest of their life in a screaming state.  Intro: SHADE THE CHANGING MAN #?.

AGAM LORON: Mellu’s father.  Intro: SHADE THE CHANGING MAN #2.

SKARTARIS: A land within the Earth with its own central “sun”, where time is not as linear as on the outside world and where barbarians, wizards, and other creatures exist.  Intro: FIRST ISSUE SPECIAL #8.

INJUSTICE SOCIETY OF THE WORLD: A group of Earth-2 villains opposed to the Justice Society, and organized originally by the Wizard.  Their membership included the Brain Wave, Per Degaton, the Gambler (all deceased), the Fiddler, the Huntress (Paula Brooks), the Icicle, the Shade (not the Changing Man),. Solomon Grundy, the Sportsmaster, Vandal Savage, and the Wizard.  Intro: ALL-STAR COMICS #37.

THE FIDDLER (Isaac Bowin): Earth-2 super-villain and member of the Injustice Society and Crime Champions.  Isaac Bowin, a petty thief with some skill at the violin, learned the ancient mystic lore of the East while thrown into an Indian prison with a snake charmer.  Bowin later used his mind-controlling music to make his benefactor kill himself and then, as the Fiddler, tangled with the Flash in Keystone City.  The Fiddler has since battled the Flash, the Justice Society, and the Justice League numerous times.  Intro: ALL-FLASH #32.

THE HUNTRESS (Paula Brooks Crock): Earth-2 super-villainess and member of the Injustice Society.  Formerly a member of the Young All-Stars as the Tigress, she opted to become a super-villainess later and fought Wildcat and the Justice Society, later marrying the Sportsmaster.  She fought the heroic Huntress (Helena Wayne) for the right to her name and lost, but has still not given up her cognomen.  She has no super-powers, but is a mistress of fighting and hunting skills.  Intro: SENSATION COMICS #68.

THE SHADE: Earth-2 super-villain and member of the Injustice Society.  The Shade utilizes a cane that can dispense a cloud of absolute darkness or a dark dimensional warp that can allow him to pass from Earth to the Dark Zone to another plane.   An enemy of the Flash and the Justice Society.  Intro: FLASH COMICS #35.

THE SPORTSMASTER (Crusher Crock): Earth-2 super-villain, husband of the Huntress (Paula Brooks) and member of the Injustice Society.  A gifted natural athlete, Crock was fired from a football team for permanently injuring another player and turned his talents to crime.  Using sports as a criminal motif, the Sportsmaster soon came into conflict with Green Lantern and had numerous battles with him.  He later joined the Injustice Society and married his teammate, the Huntress.  Intro: ALL-AMERICAN COMICS #85.

THE THINKER (Clifford Devoe): Earth-2 super-villain, member of the Injustice Society.  Formerly a district attorney, Clifford Devoe turned to crime when he became convinced that it did indeed pay.  As the Thinker, he employs a “thinking cap” that gives him psionic abilities.  Intro: ALL-FLASH #12.

VANDAL SAVAGE (Vandar Adg): Earth-2 super-villain, member of the Injustice Society.  Vandar Adg started life as a caveman back in prehistoric times.  Turned immortal by the rays of a strange meteor, he lived through the ages and either imitated or actually was Cheops, Julius Caesar, and Genghis Khan, then simply became advisor to conquerors like William the Conqueror and Napoleon.  In the 1940's, he chose to seek power openly again and tried to win World War II for the Axis, but was stopped by Green Lantern.  Later he joined the Injustice Society and was personally responsible for kidnapping a number of JSA members when they made their first reappearance in 1963.  His greatest enemy, though, is probably Immortal Man.  Intro: GREEN LANTERN (1st series) #10.

IBAC (Stanley “Stinky” Printwhistle): Formerly a small-time criminal who ran afoul of Captain Marvel, he bargained with Prince Lucifer for powers similar to Marvel’s.  He was given such powers by saying the word “Ibac”, whose initials stood for Ivan the Terrible, Caesare Borgia, Attila the Hun, and Caligula.  Printwhistle is a law-abiding street sweeper now, but at times is forced to become Ibac again.  Intro: CAPTAIN MARVEL ADVENTURES #9.

SOLOMON GRUNDY: Earth-2 super-villain and member of the Injustice Society.  Solomon Grundy is a failed plant elemental resulting from the union of plant life in Slaughter Swamp with the body of Cyrus Gold, a Gotham City murder victim.  The union resulted in the creation of a huge, powerful, virtually unkillable but slow-witted being who fell in with a criminal gang. A gangster gave him his name after learning he was “born on Monday”.  Solomon Grundy became an enemy of Green Lantern and later the entire Justice Society, but has fought many heroes over the years.  He also has an Earth-1 counterpart.  In recent days, he has reformed somewhat and become an ally to Infinity, Inc.  Intro: ALL-AMERICAN COMICS #61.

INJUSTICE, UNLIMITED: Earth-2 super-villain group made up of some of the Injustice Society and their children, enemies of Infinity, Inc.  Their membership includes the Wizard, the Fiddler, the Shade, Icicle II, Artemis (of Earth-2), and Hazard.  Intro: INFINITY, INC. #34.

Part 11:

THE GREEN: The consciousness of all plant life across the Earth.  Intro: SAGA OF THE SWAMP THING.

STAR SAPPHIRE (Carol Ferris): Green Lantern’s love interest and a former super-villainess.  Actually Carol Ferris, boss of Ferris Aircraft (and Hal Jordan), she was chosen by the Zamarons, a race of warrior women from another world, to be their queen, since she was a physical double of their late queen.  They gave her a star sapphire imbued with power to enable her to fly, emit energy-blasts, and perform other feats, plus a costume and mask.  Since Carol wanted to stay on Earth and marry Green Lantern, the Zamarons originally hypnotized her into becoming his foe.  Their relationship underwent many ups and downs, with Carol not knowing she was Star Sapphire unless induced to use the gem.  Now she is Green Lantern’s wife and partner.  Intro: SHOWCASE #22 (as Carol Ferris), GREEN LANTERN #16 (as Star Sapphire).

STAR SAPPHIRE (Remoni-Notra, aka Debbie Camille Darnell): A rival Star Sapphire, also a virtual double of Carol Ferris’s, who was chosen to be one of the four women who would battle for queenship of Zamaron.  The other two contestants have been defeated, leaving only Remoni-Notra and Carol Ferris, who have virtually identical powers, to battle for it.  Carol doesn’t want the throne, but unless Remoni defeats her and takes the star sapphire from her, she doesn’t feel that she will have a clear claim to queenship.  Member of the Secret Society of Super-Villains.  Intro: SECRET SOCIETY OF SUPER-VILLAINS #1.

SONAR (Bito Wladon): A super-villain from the tiny European nation of Modora, who seeks to put his country in the headlines by defeating Green Lantern and other American heroes by the power of his tuning-fork gun, which gives him great sonic-based powers.  Intro: GREEN LANTERN #14.

THE GANG: A quartet of Chicago-based villains given costumes and super-powering devices by the Council, an organization Supergirl once battled.  The Gang’s members include Brains, a female criminal strategist; Ms. Mesmer, with powers of super-hypnotism; and Bulldozer and Kong, both of whom possess super-strength.  Intro: DARING NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERGIRL #4.

DR. DESTINY (Dr. John Dee): A super-villain who usually specializes in striking through the power of dreams.   He is one of the Justice League’s chief opponents.  Intro: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #5.

THE FEARSOME FIVE: A group of super-villains originally assembled by Dr. Light I through a classified ad.  Their membership includes Psimon, Shimmer, Mammoth, Gizmo, and, later, Jinx and Neutron.  Their primary foes are the New Titans, though they have also battled Batman and the Outsiders.  Intro: NEW TEEN TITANS #5.

GIZMO (Mikron O’Jeneus): A bizarre midget weapons maker who has the ability to convert almost anything into machinery which can be adapted to his uses.  He can, for instance, make a fire extinguisher into a flying harness.  Member of the Fearsome Five.  Intro: NEW TEEN TITANS #3.

MAMMOTH (Baran): Australian super-villain, brother to Shimmer and member of the Fearsome Five.  A mutant with incredible strength and partial invulnerability.  Childlike in demeanor and almost uncontrollable when separated from his sister.  Intro: NEW TEEN TITANS (1st series) #3.

PSIMON (Simon Jones): Super-villain and member of the Fearsome Five.  Transformed from a normal human into a mighty psionic by a beam from another dimension, directed by the demonic Trigon.  Psimon’s brain is now housed in a transparent dome atop his head, and he possesses great telepathic / telekinetic powers.  Intro: NEW TEEN TITANS (1st series) #3.

SHIMMER (Selinda): Australian super-villain, sister to Mammoth and member of the Fearsome Five.  Shimmer is a mutant with the power to transmute matter, but only for a few minutes and only with objects within three feet of herself.  Intro: NEW TEEN TITANS (1st series) #3.

JINX: An East Indian sorceress with great powers, but only when within direct contact of the Earth.  She became a member of the Fearsome Five after being sprung by them from an American prison.  Intro: NEW TEEN TITANS (1st series) #56.

NEUTRON (Nat Tryon): Super-villain and member of the Fearsome Five.  Nat Tryon, one of Lex Luthor’s hirelings, was changed by a radiation bombardment into Neutron, a nuclear-powered villain, and sought revenge on Superman for not delivering him from his predicament.  He also battled the New Titans as one of the Fearsome Five.  Intro: ACTION COMICS #525.

MIRROR MASTER (Samuel Joseph Scudder): Super-villain and member of the Flash’s Rogue’s Gallery, the Injustice Gang, and the Secret Society of Super-Villains.  After devising a mirror by accident which could retain an image for several minutes, Sam Scudder continued his research into mirrors and, as the costumed Mirror Master, made them the motif of his criminal career.  He was one of the late Flash’s greatest foes.  Intro: THE FLASH #105.

WEAPONERS OF QWARD: Soldiers from the anti-matter universe of Qward, equipped with quivers holding red and yellow lightning-bolt shaped weapons, capable of destroying or teleporting a target.  Intro: GREEN LANTERN #2.

MAGIC SQUAD: Nightmaster’s name for the group which includes himself, Harbinger, Shade, Mellu, Amethyst, and Jennifer Morgan.  Intro: this story.

ORACLE: A powerful being who exists between dimensions, observing and recording events on several planes of existence.  The Justice League and Justice Society first contacted him to find out the fate of the Seven Soldiers of Victory.  Intro: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #100.

UGLY MANNHEIM: Gangleader and hired killer for Inter-Gang.  Mannheim first surfaced in a case involving Jimmy Olsen, the Newsboy Legion, and the Guardian.  Intro: JIMMY OLSEN #139.

MADAME XANADU: A mysterious sorceress and Tarot reader who has lived in Greenwich Village for many, many years, but always looks young and beautiful.  Intro: DOORWAY INTO NIGHTMARE #1.

Part 12:

GREEN LANTERN (Ch’p): A chipmunk Green Lantern from the world of H’lven, who has joined the contingent of Green Lantern Corps members on Earth.  Intro: GREEN LANTERN #148.

CHANGELING (nee` BEAST BOY; Gar Logan): Superhero and member of the New Titans.  Gar Logan was changed by a machine created by his father into a green monkey for a few minutes so that he could survive a deadly disease.  When he was restored to his human self, his skin remained green.  He soon discovered that he had the power to transform himself into different animals.  After the deaths of his parents, he petitioned to become a member of the original Doom Patrol, and shared many adventures with them and a few with the Teen Titans before becoming a member of the New Teen Titans.  Intro: DOOM PATROL #99.

COLDSNAP (Darrel): Super-villain and member of the Masters of Disaster. Coldsnap possesses cold-radiating and ice-creating powers.  The lover of Heatstroke.  Intro: BATMAN AND THE OUTSIDERS #9.

HEATSTROKE (Joanne): Super-villainess and member of the Masters of Disaster.  Heatstroke possesses flame-throwing and heat-generating abilities and can fly.  The lover of Coldsnap.  Intro:  BATMAN AND THE OUTSIDERS #9.

CLUEMASTER: Super-villain and enemy of the Batman.  Uses plasti-glass pellets attached to the front of his uniform, and filled with various chemical weapons, in his crimes, while leaving “topsy-turvy” clues to his next caper.  Intro: DETECTIVE COMICS #351.

SINESTRO: Former Green Lantern turned renegade, now possibly the deadliest enemy of the Green Lantern Corps.  Sinestro is a Korugarian, assigned by the Guardians of the Universe to be the Green Lantern of that world, but his corruption led them to remove him from active duty, take away his uniform and ring, and exile him.  Sinestro later became Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)’s greatest foe, and devised a yellow power ring to counter him.  Intro: GREEN LANTERN #7.

GREEN LANTERN (Arisia, aka Cynella): A young female Green Lantern from Graxos IV who has joined the unit of Green Lantern Corps members on Earth.  Intro: TALES OF THE GREEN LANTERN CORPS #1.

HECTOR HAMMOND: Super-villain and enemy of Green Lantern.  Hector Hammond was originally a petty crook who discovered a meteor leaking radiation that caused anything in its vicinity to evolve to a far-future state.  At first he used the meteor to stimulate the intelligence of five scientists whom he forced to work for him. Then he turned the full power of the meteor upon himself.  After one treatment, his cranium greatly increased in size and he gained power over lesser minds and telekinetic abilities.  After a second treatment, he became immortal, but lost all mobility.  Often he has struck at Green Lantern through pawns.  Intro: GREEN LANTERN #5.

GREEN LANTERN (Guy Gardner): Originally a schoolteacher who was almost chosen as a Green Lantern by the dying Abin Sur, Gardner was passed over in favor of Hal Jordan, who was closer to Sur at the time.  Guy Gardner was passed over again as a substitute Green Lantern in favor of John Stewart when he was injured.  Gardner later gained the power of a ring but was paralyzed in another incident.  When he recovered, he had become an enemy of Hal Jordan’s, but he was still allowed to have a ring by a contingent of Guardians during the Crisis on Infinite Earths.  Since Gardner is supremely arrogant and ruthless, the Guardians have reconsidered their course, but so far have let him retain the ring.  Intro: GREEN LANTERN #59.

PREDATOR: A male-self of Carol Ferris’s, created from her frustration and rage at both Hal Jordan and her father.  When she became Star Sapphire after being deprived of running Ferris Aircraft, she split into two beings: Star Sapphire and the aggressive male Predator, who had no super-powers but used steel talons, knives, an axe, glider-wings, a rope, and glider-wings.  He was also adept at manipulating minds.  Intro: GREEN LANTERN #178.

ZAMARONS: An Amazonian race of women, evolved from the females of Oa.  They inhabit the world of Zamaron, are semi-warlike, and choose a queen who resembles the monarch who has just died (which choices have included Carol Ferris and Remoni-Notra), giving her the power of the Star Sapphire.  Intro: GREEN LANTERN #16.

KRONA: An ancient Oan who defied a great taboo against trying to learn the secret origin of the Universe and, as a result, had his viewing apparatus destroyed by a mysterious cosmic bolt that would have killed him, had he not been immortal.  As a result of his sin, Evil was unleashed throughout the universe, which may have become the Multiverse at that moment, though this is uncertain.  Krona was converted into a mass of energy and sent circling throughout the universe by the Oans, who became the Guardians of the Universe to make amends for Krona’s deed.  He has since managed to regain his humanoid form three times, and each time has threatened the Green Lantern Corps, the Guardians, and the universe itself.  Intro: GREEN LANTERN #40.

TIGRA: Wife of Darkseid and mother of Orion.  Intro: NEW GODS #7.

Part 13:

JOHN CONSTANTINE: See Hellsister meta.

PHANTOM STRANGER: See Hellsister meta.

DR. OCCULT (Osgood Moresby): A sorceror and private investigator from Earth-2, former member of the All-Star Squadron, who began his recorded career in 1935.  He is currently associated with John Constantine and the Phantom Stranger, after being summoned by Constantine to help in a campaign against the Dark, and later to give Tim Hunter the chance to decide on becoming a magician.  Intro: NEW FUN COMICS #6.

TIM HUNTER: A boy with the potential to become one of the greatest, possibly the greatest, sorceror of the age.  He was approached by John Constantine, the Phantom Stranger, Dr. Occult, and Mr. E (who tried to kill him) and given a tour of various phases of the mystical world, and finally opted to study magic.  Intro: THE BOOKS OF MAGIC #1 (our Tim Hunter had a slightly different origin, though, since the Multiverse is still intact).

ZATARA, SARGON: See Hellsister meta.

DESTINY: One of the Endless, a being who has existed since the beginning of time and will exist probably almost unto the end of it.  He is said to appear at the crossroads of every man’s life.  Destiny appears as a cloaked man with a large book chained to his arm.  In the book is written the life of every living being.  Intro: WEIRD MYSTERY TALES #1.

THE ENDLESS: A group of seven beings who have existed almost since time began; some of them will exist unto its end.  Their numbers include Destiny, Dream (Morpheus), Death, Destruction, Delirium, and Desire.  Intro: SANDMAN #1+.  (Our Endless are just a tad different, given the fact that Morpheus was not bound for 70 years in the Earth-1.75 universe.)

Part 14:

PSI (Gayle Marsh): A mutant with great psychokinetic powers who is also a “sensitive”, receiving emotions from others.  Her talents were twisted by Daniel Pendergast and she became a foe of Supergirl.  Intro: DARING NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERGIRL #1.

LEAGUE OF CHALLENGER-HATERS: A group of super-villains, all old foes of the Challengers of the Unknown, who banded together to fight the Challengers.  Their members include Multi-Man (leader), Multi-Woman, Kra, Volcano Man, and Drabny (deceased).  Intro: CHALLENGERS OF THE UNKNOWN #42.

MULTI-MAN (Duncan Pramble): A criminal who found a formula of “liquid light” that would allow him to become any form he could imagine, and whose intellect was evolved in advance of normal humans.  The Challengers’ greatest enemy.  Intro: CHALLENGERS OF THE UNKNOWN #14.

MULTI-WOMAN: A giant female robot created by Multi-Man, and a member of the Challenger-Haters.  Intro: CHALLENGERS OF THE UNKNOWN #34.

KRA: A powerful robot from Zuna, an alien world in which robots rule and possess human emotion.  Member of the Challenger-Haters.  Intro: CHALLENGERS OF THE UNKNOWN #8.

VOLCANO MAN: A living creature composed of volcanic rock, radiating heat and fire, created by Dr. Edward Gruner.  Member of the Challenger-Haters.  Intro: CHALLENGERS OF THE UNKNOWN #27.

STEPPENWOLF: Uncle of Darkseid, brother of Heggra, and murderer of Avia at Darkseid’s behest.  This last action started a hot war between New Genesis and Apokolips.  Izaya later killed Steppenwolf in battle.  Intro: NEW GODS #7.

HEGGRA: Mother of Darkseid and sister of Steppenwolf.  She was queen of Apokolips until her death, whereupon she was succeeded by Darkseid.  Intro: NEW GODS #7.

MANHUNTER (clone): A clone of Paul Kirk, created by the Council and surviving to join the Secret Society of Super-Villains.  The Manhunter clone was killed after he attacked Darkseid.  Intro: SECRET SOCIETY OF SUPER-VILLAINS #1.

Part 15:

THE WARLORD (Travis Morgan): A former Air Force colonel and current adventurer in the land of Skartaris.  Travis Morgan accidentally piloted his plane through an opening in the arctic and found himself in the medaeval world of Skartaris, where he quickly became a sword-wielding warrior known as the Warlord.  His daughter, Jennifer Morgan, is a sorceress.  Intro: FIRST ISSUE SPECIAL #8.

ELASTI-GIRL (Rita Farr): Superheroine and member of the original Doom Patrol.  After inhaling volcanic fumes, actress Rita Farr learned she had the power to expand or shrink herself at will.  Dr. Niles Caulder, the Chief, convinced her to join his budding Doom Patrol. She was married to Mento and was the foster mother of Gar Logan, the Changeling (then known as Beast Boy) before she and two other Doom Patrollers were killed by Madame Rouge and Gen. Zahl.  1st appearance: MY GREATEST ADVENTURE #80.

NEGATIVE MAN (Larry Trainor): Superhero and member of the original Doom Patrol.  Larry Trainor was exposed to intensive radiation during a test flight of a rocket plane.  He became radioactive, requiring protective bandages around his body to keep from irradiating others, and gained the power to release from his body a black, silhouette-like being composed of radio waves.  Negative Man had great powers, but both it and Larry would die if it failed to return to his body within 60 seconds.  Dr. Niles Caulder, the Chief, persuaded Larry to become a member of the first Doom Patrol.  He died when he and two others of the team were blown apart by a bomb set by Madame Rouge and Gen. Zahl.  Intro: MY GREATEST ADVENTURE #80.

THE CHIEF (Niles Caulder): A brilliant scientist and leader of the original Doom Patrol.  He was also secretly the husband of Arani Caulder (Tempest).  He lost the use of his legs after being shot to death by General Immortus but restored to life--except for his lower limbs--by a robot and a life-ray, both of his own devising.  Confined to a wheelchair, he banded together three other “freakish” heroes (Negative Man, Elasti-Girl, and Robotman) into the Doom Patrol and led them through many adventures before being blown to pieces by a bomb planted by Madame Rouge and Gen. Zahl.  Intro: MY GREATEST ADVENTURE #80.

KRAKLOW: A Polish sorceror, almost 200 years old, originally a foe of Rip Hunter’s, now a member of the Forgotten Villains.  Intro: RIP HUNTER, TIME MASTER #28.

FACELESS CREATURE (Chun Yull): A towering Saturnian villain and hunter who menaced Earth several times in the past before joining the Forgotten Villains.  Intro: STRANGE ADVENTURES #124.

ATOM-MASTER: Super-villain and member of the Forgotten Villains, who first menaced Superman, Batman, and Robin with a helmet that allowed him to control matter.  Intro: WORLD’S FINEST COMICS #101.

MR. POSEIDON: Super-villain and member of the Forgotten Villains, who uses special rings to shrink in size and to control Ultivac.  A former foe of the Sea Devils.  Intro: SEA DEVILS #2.

ULTIVAC: A giant, powerful computer-robot containing an arsenal of weaponry designed by itself.  Former foe of the Challengers of the Unknown, now a member of the Forgotten Villains.  Intro: SHOWCASE #7.

AQUAMAN: See Hellsister meta.

AQUAMAN (Earth-2) (Arthur Curry): Superhero and member of the All-Star Squadron.  Aquaman was a normal human child given aquatic powers by his scientist father.  His powers, roughly that of the Earth-1 Aquaman, are the ability to breathe both air and water, to swim at great speed, and to control sea creatures.  He is the father of Aquaman II and grandfather of Aquaman III.  Intro: MORE FUN COMICS #73.

QUEEN CLEA: Villainess and enemy of Wonder Woman of Earth-2.  Queen Clea was the ruler of Venturia, a nation of her Earth’s Atlantis, who ran afoul of Wonder Woman when she attempted to conquer another Atlantean nation.  Intro: WONDER WOMAN #8.

AQUAMAN III (Jules Curry): Earth-2 superhero who is the grandson of Aquaman of Earth-2.  First appearance: A Force of Four.

AQUALAD (Garth): Superhero and member of the New Titans. Aqualad is the son of the late King Thar, killed by rebels, and Thar’s queen Berra.  Garth was exiled from Atlantis due to his purple eyes, which carry an inferiority taboo among Atlanteans.  He was taken in by Aquaman, who became his friend and mentor.  Intro: ADVENTURE COMICS #269.

AQUA-GIRL (Tula): Superheroine and member of the New Titans.  Aqua-Girl was an Atlantean orphan who found her way into Atlantis’s royal family, where she was raised and schooled.  She later fell in love with Aqualad and became his partner in crime-fighting.  Intro: AQUAMAN #33.

NEPTUNE PERKINS: Superhero and member of the All-Star Squadron and Young All-Stars.  A mutant born with webbed hands and feet and an inherent deficiency of sodium.  Having to absorb sodium from water or die, Neptune was soon allowed to spend most of his time in the ocean.  He became a superb swimmer and aquatic explorer, often working for the Coast Guard.  He encountered the All-Star Squadron in 1942 and soon became a member.  He later married Tsunami and had a daughter, who had a granddaughter, Natalia Perkins.  Intro: FLASH COMICS #66.

NATALIA PERKINS: Granddaughter of Neptune Perkins and Tsunami, who has the powers of her grandmother.  Intro: A Force of Four.

LORI LEMARIS: Mermaid and citizen of Tritonis, one of the two domed cities of Atlantis.  Lori has the ability to breathe water and, for limited periods, air.  She first met Superboy in an encounter that was wiped from both of their memories by Lori’s father.  Years later, she met Clark Kent in college while on an exploratory trip for Atlantis’s government.  He fell in love with her and planned marriage, but the revelation that she was a mermaid stopped him.  She later married and had two children, and may be one of the ruling family of Tritonis.  She has shared many adventures with Superman and Supergirl.  Intro: SUPERMAN #129.

BLACK MANTA: Super-villain and foe of Aquaman who has tried repeatedly to establish a kingdom on the ocean’s floor and who once was responsible for the death of Aquaman’s son.  He is a surface man, but has a costume which provides him with unlimited air and weaponry.  Intro: AQUAMAN #35.

OCEAN MASTER (Orm Marius Curry): Super-villain and greatest enemy of Aquaman, who is his half-brother.  Orm was the son of Tom Curry and Curry’s second wife, but was perpetually frustrated by his inability to measure up to Arthur Curry’s underwater abilities.  He became amnesiac due to his resentment, and eventually created the costume and weaponry of the Ocean Master, with which he attacked Aquaman.  It was only years later that he learned he was Aquaman’s half-brother.  He still carries on his criminal career, but is inhibited about killing Aquaman.  Intro: AQUAMAN #29.

JERRO: A merman of Tritonis in Atlantis, who was once one of Supergirl’s boyfriends.  Intro: ACTION COMICS #269.

MERMAN (Manno, formerly Ronno): A merman of Tritonis in Atlantis, who was once one of Wonder Woman’s suitors, dating back to the days when she was the first Wonder Girl.  Intro: WONDER WOMAN #107.

MAN-FISH (Marquis Juan Villambrosa): A green-skinned, amphibious humanoid with the power to change into various marine forms, who aided the Sea Devils in several adventures.  Intro: SEA DEVILS #22.

SCAVENGER: A mysterious aquatic criminal and foe of Aquaman, equipped with an air-providing suit and super-scientific gimmicks.  Intro: AQUAMAN #37.

MARINE MARAUDER: A super-villain with the power to control sea creatures by a radio device in his costume. Intro: ADVENTURE COMICS #449.

KARLA: Super-villainess and member of the Terrible Trio.  A beautiful woman with hair that is literally aflame, so hot that it can burn underwater.  A foe of Aquaman’s.  Intro: AQUAMAN #24.

THE UN-THING: Super-villain and member of the Terrible Trio.  He possesses the power of invisiblity.  A foe of Aquaman’s.  Intro: AQUAMAN #24.

THE FISHERMAN: Super-villain and member of the Terrible Trio.  An international criminal who steals precious objects with a fishing rod of his own design and who operates on land and underwater.  A foe of Aquaman’s.  Intro: AQUAMAN #21.

TYPHOON: Super-villain and OGRE agent, a foe of Aquaman’s.  Intro: AQUAMAN #26.

MAGNETO, CLAW, and TORPEDO-MAN: Three powerful robots and enemies of Aquaman. Intro: AQUAMAN #36.

CAPTAIN DEMO: A surface-world pirate operating underwater and a foe of Aquaman’s.  Intro: ADVENTURE COMICS #441.

HUMAN FLYING FISH (Bragg): A criminal surgically altered to give him the ability to breathe water through special gills, swim at great speed, and fly for short distances.  A foe of Aquaman’s. Intro: ADVENTURE COMICS #272.

HUNTRESS (Aquaman villain): An agent of OGRE and an enemy of Aquaman.  Intro: AQUAMAN #26.

OCEANUS: A denizen of Mera’s water world with water-shaping abilities similar to her own.  Oceanus briefly became ruler of Atlantis when Mera had a brief falling-out with Aquaman prior to marrying him, and was responsible for her losing her water-shaping powers for a time.  Intro: AQUAMAN #18.

CHEMO: A chemical being which came into life as the result of a professor pouring all his failed experiments into a giant plastic container in the shape of a man.  Chemo can release his chemical components in various destructive ways.  A foe of the Metal Men.  Intro: SHOWCASE #39.

DEEP SIX: A sextet of aquatic Apokoliptic villains, by name Gole, Jaffar, Shaligo, Slig, Trok, and Kurin. All were apparently killed by Orion, but Slig returned and was killed by Orion again.  These are android duplicates of the originals.  Intro: NEW GODS #2.

MENTO: See Hellsister meta.

MR. E: See Hellsister meta.

Part 16:

STEL: Robotic Green Lantern from Grenda, a planet populated by robots.  Intro: GREEN LANTERN #11.

MEDPHYL: Green Lantern of planet J586, a world populated by motile, sentient plant-beings.  Intro: GREEN LANTERN #11.

CHARLIE VICKER: Earth-born Green Lantern assigned to space duty, who joined the Corps after his brother, playing a Green Lantern on television, was killed by an interplanetary criminal.  Intro: GREEN LANTERN #55.

BLACK LANTERNS: Qwardian warriors who wield black lantern-rings without quite the power of a Green Lantern’s power ring.  Intro: GREEN LANTERN #144 (Stanley), 150 (other corpsmen).

KORUGAR: Homeworld of Katma Tui and Sinestro.

YELLOW LANTERNS: A group of Korugan villains who wield yellow power rings duplicated from Sinestro’s own ring.  Intro: GREEN LANTERN #52.

GOLDFACE (Keith Kenyon): A super-strong villain in gold armor who is a long-time enemy of Green Lantern.  Intro: GREEN LANTERN #38 (as Keith Kenyon).

BLUE LIGHT: Korugan enemy of Katma Tui’s.  First appearance: This story.

OVERSPIDER: Xaosian enemy of Xax, the grasshopper Green Lantern.  First appearance: This story.

MASTER OF DECAY: Grendan enemy of Stel.  First appearance: This story.

THUNDERERS: Also known as Weaponers of Qward.  Qwardian warriors armed with quivers of thunderbolts, different sorts of which can either teleport a target away or cause destruction.  Intro: GREEN LANTERN #2.

GORDANIANS: Alien race of slavers, primary component of the Citadel.  Intro: NEW TEEN TITANS (first series) #1.

BROOT (Charis-Nar): Huge, grey-skinned, powerful member of the Omega Men, a pacifist by nature who joined the team to help drive the Citadel away from his homeworld of Changralyn.  Intro: GREEN LANTERN #141.

AURON (Lambien): Son of X’hal and member of the Omega Men, who possesses light-based powers.  Intro: GREEN LANTERN #142.

PRIMUS (Pren): Leader of the Omega Men, endowed with energy-wielding powers.  Intro: GREEN LANTERN #141.

KALISTA: Co-leader of the Omega Men and lover of Primus.  Intro: GREEN LANTERN #141.

TIGORR (T’Ghurrhu): Bestial, tiger-like member of the Omega Men.  Intro: GREEN LANTERN #141.

OMEGA MEN: A band of interplanetary fighters originally banded together to free captive worlds from the Citadel.  Their numbers include Primus, Kalista, Tigorr, Broot, Nimbus, the Green Man, and others.  Intro: GREEN LANTERN #141.

LOBO: Czaranian assassin and sometime ally of the Omega Men, whose main weapon is a huge hook at the end of a chain.  Not known as a nice guy.  Intro: OMEGA MEN #3.

GREEN MAN: Former Green Lantern who left the Corps to aid the Omega Men in their crusade.  Intro: OMEGA MEN #26.

HONOR TEAM: A band of super-heroes from the planet Thronn, who first met Earth-1's Green Lantern when their teammate Energiman sacrificed his life to summon him to their world to help them fight Vant Orl.  Their team includes Magicko, Strong Girl, Golden Blade, and the Green Lantern of Thronn.  Intro: GREEN LANTERN #32.

MAGICKO: A magician and member of the Honor Team of Thronn.  Intro: GREEN LANTERN #32.

STRONG GIRL: A powerful Amazon and member of the Honor Team of Thronn.  Intro: GREEN LANTERN #32.

GOLDEN BLADE: A hero who wields a strange golden sword which may have mystical properties.  Member of the Honor Team of Thronn.  Intro: GREEN LANTERN #32.

GREEN LANTERN OF THRONN (Van Thorr): A native of Thronn who was appointed to the Green Lantern Corps by the Guardians of the Universe, and who took the place of the late Energiman in the Honor Team.  Intro: “Rookie Lantern” (my story).

LORD SATANIS: Earth sorceror who bargained with the devil for extra power and got it.  Husband of Syrene and enemy of Superman.  Intro: ACTION COMICS #527.

DEADMAN (Boston Brand): Ghost and former aerialist who died when he was shot during his trapeze-swinging act by the Hook, an assassin.  He was given the power to inhabit and control the bodies of living persons by the spirit Rama Kushna, used it to track down his murderer, and continues to seek justice in his spectral form.  Intro: STRANGE ADVENTURES #205.

FEMALE FURIES: Apokoliptic corps of women warriors who switched loyalties and came to Earth to aid their former and current commander, Big Barda.  Their group includes Stompa, Lashina, Mad Harriet, and Bernadeth.  Intro: MR. MIRACLE #6.

STOMPA: Member of the Female Furies who uses her powerful feet as weapons.  Intro: MR. MIRACLE #6.

LASHINA: Member of the Female Furies who strikes with mighty lash-weapons.  Intro: MR. MIRACLE #6.

MAD HARRIET: Member of the Female Furies who uses Power Spikes, metallic weapons on her knuckles, in combat and is possibly a bit insane.  Intro: MR. MIRACLE #6.

BERNADETH: Member of the Female Furies and sister to Desaad.  Possessor of a Fahrenknife which, when stuck into an opponent, can barbecue him (or her) from the inside.  Intro: MR. MIRACLE #6.

SNAPPER CARR: Resident of Happy Harbor and former honorary member and mascot of the Justice League of America.  Snapper’s status was reduced due to inactivity and he was caused to drop out after being deceived by the Joker and working against the League.  Later, he was duped by the Key into taking the identity of the Star-Tsar and fighting the JLA again.  A talented artist, Snapper currently draws comics for DC.  Intro: BRAVE AND THE BOLD #28.

SPY SMASHER (Alan Armstrong): Earth-S hero and member of the Squadron of Justice.  Alan Armstrong became Spy Smasher after the start of World War II to fight Axis spies in America and elsewhere.  His means of transportation was the Gyro-Sub, which could travel in air or water.  On Earth-1, he’s a comic book character.  Intro: WHIZ COMICS #2.

STAR-TSAR: An identity originated by the Privateer (formerly Manhunter Mark Shaw) and used by him, Snapper Carr, the Key, and Richard Rigel.  Intro: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #149.

Part 17:

SUPERBOY OF EARTH-PRIME (Kal-El, aka Clark Kent): The only current hero of Earth-Prime, a world in which super-heroes, until very recently, only appeared in comic books.  Kal-El was teleported as a baby by his father Jor-El from the doomed planet Krypton-Prime to Earth, where he was found and adopted by Jerome and Naomi Kent.  His super-powers did not manifest until fairly recently, probably as a result of the Crisis on Infinite Earths phenomena.  Intro: DC COMICS PRESENTS #87.

EARTH-PRIME: A world in which superheroes, until very recently, only appeared in comic books.  The hero-villain Ultraa and the Superboy of Earth-Prime call it home.  Intro: THE FLASH #179.

JEROME KENT: Native of Earth-Prime and foster father of the Superboy of that world, whom he adopted as a baby.  Intro: DC COMICS PRESENTS #87.

Part 18:

NAOMI KENT: Native of Earth-Prime and foster moster of the Superboy of that world, whom she adopted as a baby.  Intro: DC COMICS PRESENTS #87.

DICK MALVERNE: See Hellsister meta.

LAURIE LEMMON: Girlfriend of Clark Kent, the Superboy of Earth-Prime.  She is one of the few persons to know his secret identity.  Intro: DC COMICS PRESENTS #87.

CARY BATES: A comic book writer from Earth-Prime who met the Flash of Earth-1 when the latter crossed over into his world and who later was duped by the Injustice Society into briefly becoming a super-villain.  Intro: THE FLASH #179.

ULTRAA: Superbeing originally from the Earth-Prime universe, endowed with super-strength and super-speed.  The sole survivor of a planet destroyed when its sun went nova, Ultraa was sent to Earth, landed in Australia, and was raised by aborigines.  Later, after fighting Maxitron side-by-side with the Justice League, he opted to come to Earth-One, but eventually turned against the JLA.  Intro: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #153.

JULIUS SCHWARTZ OF EARTH-PRIME: Editor for DC Comics, who has, in his time, met several heroes from Earth-1 and keeps a Cosmic Treadmill built by the Flash in a secret part of his office.  Intro: THE FLASH #179.

Part 19:

HAWKMAN: See Hellsister meta.

HAWKMAN OF EARTH-2: See A Force of Four meta.

HAWKWOMAN: See Hellsister meta.

HAWKGIRL: See A Force of Four meta.

ADAM STRANGE: Archaeologist from Earth who was teleported to the planet Rann by a Zeta-Beam created by the scientist Sardath.  He subsequently became the hero of Rann, fighting menaces there with his intellect, a ray-gun, and a jet-pack, usually teamed with Sardath’s daughter Alanna, whom he later married.  When the Zeta-Beam radiation wears off, Adam Strange returns to Earth and must be in the exact spot the next Zeta-Beam strikes in order to return to Rann.  Intro: SHOWCASE #17.

ALANNA: Daughter of Sardath of Rann and wife and partner of Adam Strange.  Intro: SHOWCASE #17.

MANHAWKS: Intelligent and criminal hawks of Thanagar who wear humanoid masks with laser-weapons in the lenses while committing crimes.  Intro: BRAVE AND THE BOLD #43.

PARAN  KATAR: Father of Hawkman of Earth-1 and creator of the anti-gravity belt and wings which he and his son employed to fight the Manhawks.  Intro: BRAVE AND THE BOLD #43.

BYTH (Byth Kol): Thanagarian criminal who, after taking a special pill, could shape-shift into the form of great beasts.  Intro: BRAVE AND THE BOLD #34.

RAINBOW RAIDERS: A team of Thanagarian criminals who were the first foes Hawkman ever faced with Hawkgirl.  Intro: BRAVE AND THE BOLD #42.

COMMISSIONER GEORGE EMMETT: Former police commissioner of Midway City who was the first to befriend Hawkman and Hawkgirl when the latter two came to Earth, and helped them set up their cover identities of Carter and Shiera Hall.  Now retired.  Intro: BRAVE AND THE BOLD #34.

EQUALIZER: A four-armed, space-based being dedicated to “equalizing” all living beings with a strange dust.  He “equalized “ the people of Thanagar for a time, and was stopped from doing the same to Earth by the Justice League.  Intro: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #117.

ADAPTOIDS: A host of amoeboid life-forms who sought to wipe out life on Earth.  Intro: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #118.

HYATHIS: Former queen of the planet Alistair, an enemy of (and sometimes collaborator with) Kanjar Ro who released the Thanagarians from the Equalizer plague and was made ruler of the planet in return, until she was deposed by Hawkman.  Enemy of the Justice League and Adam Strange.  Intro: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #3.

KANJAR RO: Former dictator of the planet Dhor and longtime foe of the Justice League and Adam Strange.  Intro: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #3.

KROMM: Metalloid ruler of the planet Mosteel, foe of but collaborator with Kanjar Ro, Hyathis, and Sayyar.  Intro: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #3.

SAYYAR: Lizardlike emperor of the planet Llarr, enemy of but collaborator with Kanjar Ro, Hyathis, and Kromm.  Intro: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #3.

THANAGAR: See Hellsister meta.

KASKOR: Longtime foe of Adam Strange and would-be dictator of Rann.  Intro: MYSTERY IN SPACE #68.

MARNO: Underling of Darkseid and foe of Mr. Miracle.  Intro: MR. MIRACLE #22.

MIND-GRABBER KID (Lucian Crawley): Formerly a youth with mutant mind-powers increased by a helmet of his own invention, who sought to become Earth’s only hero by tricking aliens into fighting the Justice League.  Intro: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #70.

DUNCAN, MAL (formerly THE HORNBLOWER and THE GUARDIAN III): Former superhero and ex-member of the Teen Titans.  Mal Duncan originally became a Teen Titan during a time in which the team was sent to study ghetto life in an American city.  Later, when the team reformed after its first breakup, he employed an exo-skeleton and a copy of the Guardian’s uniform and shield to become the third Guardian.  Still later, after receiving a mystic horn from a being claiming to be Azrael, the Angel of Death, he assumed the identity of the Hornblower.  Finally, after the Titans’ second breakup, he retired and became a successful novelist.  Intro: TEEN TITANS #26.

DUNCAN, KAREN BEECHER (formerly THE BUMBLEBEE): Former superheroine and ex-member of the Teen Titans.  Karen Beecher was Mal Duncan’s girlfriend and later aquired a costume with wings, which she used in her brief career as the Bumblebee.  She retired after the Titans’ second breakup and married Mal Duncan.  Intro: TEEN TITANS #44.

THORN, THE (Rose Forrest): A crime-fighting costumed heroine from Metropolis, the Thorn is the product of a split personality suffered by Rose Forrest after her father was killed by the 100, a criminal organization.  Her conscious mind believes her incapable of violence, but when she goes to sleep, her unconscious mind makes her assume the identity of the Thorn and, as such, helped Superman and Lois Lane bring the organization down, though it has lately resurfaced as the 1000.  Intro: SUPERMAN’S GIRL FRIEND, LOIS LANE #105.

BLUE DEVIL (Dan Cassidy): A costumed stuntman and crimefighter whose mechanized costume was fused onto him by the demon Nebiros.  Intro: FURY OF FIRESTORM #24.

CHANCE, CHRISTOPHER (aka THE HUMAN TARGET): A private detective and master of disguise who masquerades as persons targeted for gangland hits or other crimes in order to catch the perpetrators.  Intro: ACTION COMICS #419.

HUMAN CANNONBALL (Ryan Chase): A costumed hero equipped with cannonball-like helmet and jetpack who had a brief career in Metropolis and worked with Lois Lane.  Intro: SUPERMAN FAMILY #188.

CAPTAIN ATOM (Capt. Nathaniel Christopher Adam): Earth-4 superhero and member of Justice Force.  Capt. Adam was accidentally shot into space without a protective suit in the payload of an experimental rocket and, when the rocket exploded, disintegrated and then reintegrated on Earth with atomic powers.  Intro: SPACE ADVENTURES #33.

Part 20:

BLUE BEETLE II (Ted Kord): Earth-4 super-hero and Justice Force member who follows in the footsteps of the first Blue Beetle, who died stopping an evil scheme of Ted’s uncle Jarvis.  The Blue Beetle has no powers per se, but does use a Beetle Gun which can transmit electrical shocks or blinding flashes, and travels in a huge metallic beetle that flies with anti-gravity power.  Intro: CAPTAIN ATOM #83.

THE QUESTION (Vic Sage): Earth-4 hero and member of Justice Force.  A conservative reporter who uses a blank-featured mask which covers his entire face, a gas that changes the color of his clothing or simply obscures him, several gimmicks, and a calling card which, at first blank, shows a question mark when exposed to air.  Intro: BLUE BEETLE (3rd series) #1.

NIGHTSHADE (Eve Eden): Earth-4 super-heroine and member of Justice Force.  Eve Eden was the daughter of a United States senator and a princess from a magic-based dimension.  She became a heroine years after her mother was killed by agents of the evil Incubus.  As Nightshade, she has a great mastery of martial arts and can change herself into a shadow.  Intro: CAPTAIN ATOM #82.

THUNDERBOLT (Peter Cannon): Earth-4 super-hero and member of Justice Force.  Peter Cannon’s parents, medical missionaries to a Tibetian monastery, fought to save the monks from a deadly plague but caught it themselves and died.  In tribute, the monks trained young Peter in the knowledge of the Hidden Scrolls, which allow one student in each generation the secrets of unlocking the hidden untapped portion of the brain and body.  After passing three tests, he was sent to fight for justice in America, but he remains a pacifist at heart.  Intro: THUNDERBOLT #1.

SENTINELS, THE: An Earth-4 trio of super-heroes, created when a dying Russian scientist passed on his three greatest devices (in the form of a belt, a tiara, and gloves) to three members of an American folk-rock group. The threesome, discovering the powers in his inventions, vowed to honor his memory by using them to fight crime as the Sentinels.  Members: Helio, Mentalia, and the Brute.  Intro: THUNDERBOLT #55.

HELIO (Rick Strong): Earth-4 super-hero, member of the Sentinels and Justice Force.  Like his fellow Sentinels, Mentalia and the Brute, Rick employs an invention given him by a dying Russian scientist, in his case a belt which allows him to fly.  Intro: THUNDERBOLT #55.

MENTALIA (Cindy Carson): Earth-4 super-heroine, member of the Sentinels and Justice Force.  Mentalia’s mind-power is enhanced by a tiara that gives her telepathic and telekinetic abilities.  Intro: THUNDERBOLT #55.

BRUTE, THE (Carl “Crunch” Wilson): Earth-4 super-hero, member of the Sentinels and Justice Force.  The Brute employs power gloves that give him super-strength.  Intro: THUNDERBOLT #55.

SON OF VULCAN (Johnny Mann): Earth-4 super-hero and member of Justice Force.  Johnny Mann accused the gods of Mount Olympus of neglecting their duties of justice on Earth while in a ruined temple in Greece.  Subsequently, he was adopted by Vulcan and given the power to change into a mighty demi-god, the Son of Vulcan, with superhuman strength and speed and mighty weapons.  Intro: MYSTERIES OF UNEXPLORED WORLDS #46.

BLUE BEETLE I (Dan Garrett): Earth-4 super-hero, now deceased.  Dan Garrett was an archaelogist who gained the power of a mysterious blue scarab which he found in a tomb in Egypt.  The scarab allowed him to transform himself magically into the Blue Beetle, whose powers included super-strength, super-speed, and flight, among others.  He died stopping a scheme of Ted Kord’s uncle Jarvis, and passed along the mantle of the Blue Beetle to Ted.  Intro:  BLUE BEETLE (2nd series) #1.

JUSTICE FORCE: A team of Earth-4 super-heroes, who banded together to thwart a plot of the Hooded One and his associates.  Members include Captain Atom, Blue Beetle, the Question, Nightshade, Thunderbolt, the Peacemaker, Son of Vulcan, Helio, Mentalia, and the Brute.  Intro:  CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS #6.

ECLIPSO (Bruce Gordon): An evil being merged with the body of scientist Bruce Gordon when an evil priest scratched his hand with a dark gem.  As a result, whenever Gordon is within range of a solar eclipse, the entity known as Eclipso emerges from his body.  He possesses quasi-mystical powers, mostly centered in his dark gem, and is a technical genius.  Eclipso can only be returned to Gordon’s body by an intense flash of light.  Intro: HOUSE OF SECRETS #61.

DARK BRIGADE: Eclipso’s band of super-villains.  Members include Slipknot, Multiplex, Bolt, Hyena, Mindboggler, Blackstarr, and a group of Earth-4 villains such as Punch, Jewelee, Dr. Spectro, the Banshee, and the Madman.  Intro: This story.

TOKAMAK (Henry Hewitt): Earth-1 super-villain and enemy of Firestorm.  Henry Hewitt used a nuclear reactor to turn himself into an atomic-powered, armored villain.  Intro: FURY OF FIRESTORM #15 (as Hewitt), 18 (as Tokamak).

MULTIPLEX (Danton Black): Earth-1 super-villain and enemy of Firestorm.  Danton Black was given the power to replicate himself into multiple duplicates in the same nuclear accident that created Firestorm.  Intro: FIRESTORM #2.

MINDBOGGLER: Super-villainess with telepathic powers, foe of Firestorm.  Intro: FURY OF FIRESTORM #29.

SLIPKNOT: Earth-1 super-villain and assassin who employs a rope against opponents or for killing targets.  Intro: FURY OF FIRESTORM #28.

BOLT: Earth-1 super-villain with energy-blasting powers.  Intro: BLUE DEVIL #6.

HYENA, THE (Summer Day): Earth-1 super-villain, sister of Firestorm’s girlfriend, who was changed into a were-hyena by another were-hyena’s bite.  Intro: FIRESTORM #4.

FIERY-ICER, THE: Earth-4 super-villain with armor that allows him to radiate incredible waves of heat and cold.  Intro: CAPTAIN ATOM #87.

MADMAN, THE (Frank Fleeter): Acrobatic Earth-4 super-villain in a multi-colored costume who once led a similarly-dressed gang of crooks in clown-motif crimes against the Blue Beetle.  Intro: BLUE BEETLE (3rd series) #3.

FAUST, FELIX: Earth-1 super-villain and magician, longtime foe of the Justice League.  Intro: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #10.

DR. SPECTRO: Earth-4 super-villain, originally a man who sought to use the rays of the colored gems on his wrist to heal, who was accidentally corrupted and uses their great powers now for crime and to fight Captain Atom.  Once split into several smaller Dr. Spectros, now reintegrated.  Intro: CAPTAIN ATOM #79.

PUNCH: Earth-4 super-villain who, along with Jewelee, found a cache of alien gimmicks which he subsequently used in his criminal career.  Foe of Captain Atom and Nightshade.  Intro: CAPTAIN ATOM #85.

JEWELEE: Earth-4 super-villainess who employs similar alien gimmicks as her partner Punch.  She favors jewel theft, hence her name.  Foe of Captain Atom and especially Nightshade.  Intro: CAPTAIN ATOM #85.

BANSHEE, THE (Max Bine): Earth-4 super-villain who employs a gas-filled cape to fly.  Foe of the Question.  Intro: BLUE BEETLE (3rd series) #2.

TWO-FACE (Harvey Dent): Earth-1 super-villain and foe of the Batman.  Formerly D.A. Harvey Dent, his face was scarred by acid thrown by Boss Moroni, a gangster he was prosecuting.  The scar tissue ended up covering one-half of his face and deranging his mind.  Harvey Dent came upon a two-headed silver dollar, scarred one of its faces with a knife, and flipped it to decide his every course of action.  If the unscarred side came up, he would perform a good deed; if the scarred side showed, he would commit a crime.  Costuming himself in a suit divided in half, one side shabby and the other impeccably tailored, Dent renamed himself Two-Face and committed crimes based on the number two.  He is married to Gilda Dent and his stepdaughter Duela Dent was the Harlequin, a former member of the Teen Titans.  Intro: BATMAN #81.

Part 21:

SUPERMAN REVENGE SQUAD (nee` SUPERBOY REVENGE SQUAD): An alliance of interplanetary enemies of Superman, originally formed by the tyrants of Wexr II after Superboy defeated them.  Intro: SUPERBOY #94.

WEXR II: Original home and headquarters of the Superman Revenge Squad.  Intro: SUPERBOY #94.

VARTOX: Member of the Friends of Superman.  An alien super-hero who first met Superman when he came to Earth to find his wife’s murderer.  Possesses a variety of super-powers, many of which have possibly not been revealed.  Intro: SUPERMAN #281.

CAPTAIN THUNDER (Willie Fawcett): Member of the Friends of Superman.  The chief super-hero of Earth-T, and a dimensional counterpart of Captain Marvel.  He was given super-powers by an Indian sorceror, and changes from a young boy into Captain Thunder by rubbing his belt buckle and saying the word, “Thunder!”.  Intro: SUPERMAN #276.

NAKOX: One of the leaders of the Superman Revenge Squad.  Intro: SUPERMAN #367.

LIQUIDMAN (Cruxl): Member of the Friends of Superman. An alien super-hero with the power to turn himself into liquid via a formula of his own design.  Intro: SUPERBOY #101.

STORM MAN (nee` STORMBOY): Member of the Friends of Superman.  An alien super-hero whose father gave him the power to create storms and great winds and to hurl lightning bolts.  Intro: SUPERBOY #101.

TREE-MAN: Member of the Friends of Superman. An alien super-hero of a race evolved from plants, who can grow elongated limbs at will.  Intro: SUPERBOY #101.

TELEPATHY MAN: Member of the Friends of Superman.  An alien super-hero with mind-over-matter and telepathic powers.  Intro: SUPERBOY #101.

SHADOWMAN: Member of the Friends of Superman.  An alien super-hero who can turn his body immaterial at will.  Intro: SUPERBOY #101.

LUX: Member of the Friends of Superman.  An alien super-hero from Gur who can turn any object into a source of light.  Intro: ACTION COMICS #330.

MULTIPLE-MAN: Member of the Friends of Superman.  An alien super-hero who can duplicate himself into many multiple copies at will.  Intro: ACTION COMICS #330.

MASK-MAN: Member of the Friends of Superman.  An alien super-hero with the power to mold his face into any shape.  Intro: ACTION COMICS #330.

SURYA: Member of the Friends of Superman.  An alien super-heroine from the “Evolution World” with the ability to evolve herself into any prehistoric beast of her homeworld.  Intro: ACTION COMICS #330.

STRELLA: Member of the Friends of Superman.  An alien super-heroine from “Planet Y” who can turn her arms and hands into flaming energy.  Intro: ACTION COMICS #330.

ZARDIN THE BOY MARVEL: Member of the Friends of Superman.  An alien super-hero from Nangar who fights crime with various weapons of his own design.  Intro: WORLD’S FINEST COMICS #163.

DR. CHILL: Member of the Friends of Superman.  An alien super-hero from Klon Kado with ice-powers.  Intro: WORLD’S FINEST COMICS #163.

AEROMAN: Member of the Friends of Superman.  An alien super-hero from Marr with flight powers.  Married to Windlass.  Intro: WORLD’S FINEST COMICS #163.

WINDLASS: Member of the Friends of Superman.  An alien super-heroine from Marr with mastery of the wind.  Married to Aeroman.  Intro: WORLD’S FINEST COMICS #163.

SERPENTO: Member of the Friends of Superman.  An alien super-hero from Orazak with the ability to utilize the abilities of serpents of his world.  Intro: WORLD’S FINEST COMICS #163.

ELECTRIC MAN: Member of the Friends of Superman. An alien super-hero with electrical powers.  Intro: WORLD’S FINEST COMICS #145.

BALLOON MAN: Member of the Friends of Superman. An alien super-hero with the power to super-inflate his lungs to expand his body to balloon size and fly.  Intro: WORLD’S FINEST COMICS #145.

FREEZER, THE: Member of the Friends of Superman.  An alien super-hero with freezing powers.  Intro: WORLD’S FINEST COMICS #145.

FLAME, THE: Member of the Friends of Superman. An alien super-hero with flame powers.  Intro: WORLD’S FINEST COMICS #145.

Part 22:

STRANGE, PROF. HUGO: Criminal scientist and foe of the Batman.  Has many schemes and inventions, but his most characteristic one is a serum which turns normal humans into eight-foot giants under his control.  During one episode he learned the Batman’s secret identity, but was later convinced for a time by Batman that he had erred.  Intro: DETECTIVE COMICS #471.

DARK, BARRY: Gotham City’s top talk-radio host, employed by station WDON.  Intro: BATMAN FAMILY #15.

DEMON, THE (Etrigan, aka Jason Blood): Demonic being originally in service to Merlin.  Has great strength and viciousness and some mystic powers.  The Demon assumes the human identity of Jason Blood to function among men and has lived for thousands of years.  Intro: THE DEMON #1.

DARKLING (Dora Keane): Earth-S villainess and foe of Mary Marvel.  Made a pact with the Realms Below for great powers, including a Cloak of Darkness, super-strength, and invulnerability.  She also possesses some mystic energy powers.  Intro: WORLD’S FINEST COMICS #278.

SIVANA, DR. THADDEUS BODOG: See Hellsister meta.

MOPHIR: A pagan South American priest who, before falling to his death, scratched Bruce Gordon with a magical black gem and thus bestowed upon him the curse and identity of Eclipso.  Intro: HOUSE OF SECRETS #61.

Part 23:

CAPTAIN COMET (Adam Blake): Earth-1 super-hero.  Adam Blake was born a mutant, with a body and mind more than 100,000 years ahead of his time.  He possesses some mind-over-matter powers and superhuman strength.  Blake assumed the identity of Captain Comet first to fight off an alien menace.  Later, after a career more or less contemporaneous with Superboy’s, he left Earth to explore space and later returned, becoming involved with a crusade against the original Secret Society of Super-Villains.  Intro: STRANGE ADVENTURES #9.

SHRIKE, THE (Toros Tos): Alien super-hero from Moronon, in the Earth-One universe.  Toros Tos was born with the hereditary mutant wings of the ruling line of Moronon, which enable him to fly and also project blasts of electricity and wind.  When his family’s starship was destroyed, he was rocketed to safety on Earth as an infant.  There he landed in Yucatan, where he was adopted by an Indian who saw him as an omen from Kukulcan.  Later, he was given a black and yellow costume and the title of the Shrike, the tribe’s totem-bird.  As an adult, he had an encounter with Hawkman and Hawkgirl which led to him learning of his true origins, returning to Moronon, and reclaiming his throne.  Intro: HAWKMAN #11.

MATTER MASTER, THE: Earth-1 super-villain, foe of Hawkman, and member of the Secret Society of Super-Villains.  An accident during a chemical experiment he was conducting synthesized a compound he called Mentachem, which gave him mental control to reshape matter in its natural state.  Fashioning a wand of the substance, he called himself the Matter Master and began a criminal career that put him at odds with the Winged Wonders.  Intro: BRAVE AND THE BOLD #35.

KORON TOS: Late king of Moronon and father of the Shrike.  Intro: HAWKMAN #11.

INFINITE EMPIRE: A tyrannic confederation of worlds ruled by Queen Elda, which once challenged Thanagar but which was repelled by the heroic actions of Hawkman.  Intro: HAWKMAN #26.

SHADOW WAR: A covert series of battles conducted by the tyrannic rulers of Thanagar against Hawkman and Hawkwoman.  Intro: THE SHADOW WAR OF THE HAWKMAN #1.

LAETHWEN: Princess of a tribe of golden-skinned, miniature people in the South American jungle and bride of the Atom of Earth-1.  Intro: SWORD OF THE ATOM #1.

ATOM, THE (Earth-1): See Hellsister meta.

GRAVI-GUARDS: Minions of Darkseid, possessing massive, red-skinned bodies and the ability to concentrate gravity to such a degree in their immediate area that even Superman can be weakened by them.  They move very slowly, though.  Intro: FOREVER PEOPLE #1.

DOG CAVALRY: Warriors of Darkseid who ride giant mutant dogs into battle.  Intro: NEW GODS #1.

Chapter 26 meta:

BAT-SQUAD: A team of Earth-One and Earth-Two members of the Batman Family, including Robin of Earth-2, Robin of Earth-1, Nightwing, Batwoman of Earth-2, Batgirl, Flamebird (formerly Bat-Girl), Man-Bat, the Huntress, the King of the Cats, and Darkwing.  Intro: “Dance With the Demons” (my story).

NIGHTWING (Dick Grayson of Earth-1; formerly Robin): Costumed hero, former aide to Batman, leader of the New Titans and member of the Bat-Squad.  As a boy, Dick Grayson was a circus acrobat and part of the Flying Graysons aerial team until his parents were killed by an “accident” rigged by a protection racket.  He was taken in by Batman, who trained him in crime-fighting and gave him the costume and identity of Robin, an identity once assumed by Batman himself in his youth to work with detective Harvey Harris.  After years of being Batman’s partner and a founding member of the Teen Titans, Robin created the identity of Nightwing on his own and left the Wayne household to become a full-time New Titan.  Intro: SUPERMAN #76.

BATGIRL (Barbara Gordon): Earth-One heroine and member of the Bat-Squad.  Barbara Gordon is the daughter of Commissioner James W. Gordon.  A brilliant scholar and martial artist, she was on her way to a costume party dressed as a female counterpart to Batman when she came upon Bruce Wayne being assaulted by Killer Moth and his henchmen.  After defeating the gang with her fighting skills, she decided to continue her Batgirl career for real.  Intro: DETECTIVE COMICS #359.

ROBIN (Earth-1; Jason Todd): Assistant to Batman, successor to Dick Grayson of Earth-1 in the Robin role, and member of the Bat-Squad.  Jason Todd was a young acrobat in a family act until his parents, Jason and Mary Todd, were killed by Killer Croc’s command.  He was taken in by Batman, soon discovered the hero’s dual identity, and took on the Robin role to aid him.  Intro: BATMAN #357.

ROBIN (Earth-2; Dick Grayson): See A Force of Four meta.

HUNTRESS, THE (Helena Wayne): See A Force of Four meta.

BATWOMAN (Earth-2; Kathy Kane): Costumed heroine and member of the Bat-Squad.  Kathy Kane was a circus aerialist and stunt rider before she inherited a fortune, which gave her the opportunity to create the identity of the Batwoman and aid her idols, Batman and Robin.  She was a former mentor to her Earth’s Bat-Girl before the latter’s death, and is current married to Tony Gordon, son of Commissioner James W. Gordon.  Intro: BRAVE AND THE BOLD #182.

FLAMEBIRD (Betty Kane, formerly Bat-Girl of Earth-1): Costumed heroine and member of the Bat-Squad.  As a teenager, Betty Kane learned of her aunt Kathy’s secret identity as Batwoman during a visit and created the identity of Bat-Girl to aid her in crime-fighting as Robin did Batman.  After helping her, Batman, and Robin triumph over the costumed criminal King Cobra, she was allowed to continue her career.  She later abandoned the Bat-Girl identity to become a tennis pro, but reassumed it briefly to join Teen Titans West.  After the breakup of that team and the death of Batwoman at the hands of the League of Assassins, Betty recently created the new identity and costume of Flamebird for herself, basing it on a hero of Kandor.  Intro: BATMAN #139.

MAN-BAT (Kirk Langstrom): Super-hero and member of the Bat-Squad.  Kirk Langstrom was a scientist and museum curator who sought and succeeded in giving himself bat-like powers, including great strength, super-hearing, and a sonar-like cry, through an injection of bat extract.  But he also transformed himself into a winged, bat-like creature who became known as Man-Bat.  The bat-serum initially contained impurities which caused him to become an enemy of Batman as often as he was an ally, but he has since corrected this and can reassume his human identity with an injection.  He is married to Francine Langstrom, the former She-Bat, and has a daughter, Rebecca.  Intro: DETECTIVE COMICS #400.

KING OF THE CATS (Karl Kyle): Costumed hero, former villain, and member of the Bat-Squad.  Karl Kyle is the brother of the late Catwoman of Earth-Two and brother-in-law of the late Batman of that Earth.  Initially, in 1952, he created his catlike costume and identity in hopes of persuading his sister, who had recently reformed, to join him in criminal ways.  After the failure of this and his subsequent prison term, Karl went straight.  He reassumed the Cat King identity to aid the Batman Family in their fight against Kobra, and joined the Bat-Squad at their inception.  Intro:  BATMAN #69.

BLACKWING (Charley): Costumed hero of Earth-Two and member of the Bat-Squad.  Blackwing sought to emulate the late Batman of his Earth as a crime-fighter and, despite some ineptitude, aided the Huntress on a couple of cases.  He has since improved his skills somewhat and recently joined the Bat-Squad.  Intro: WONDER WOMAN #297.

JOKER, THE (Earth-1): Costumed villain, arch-enemy of the Batman of Earth-One.  Formerly a crook known as the Red Hood, his face was changed to a chalk-white color with ruby-red lips and green hair thanks to swimming through chemical wastes.  The experience also drove him criminally insane, and he has murdered several score of victims in his time.  Intro: BATMAN #97.

JOKER, THE (Earth-2): Costumed villain, arch-enemy of the late Batman of Earth-Two and of the Huntress.  Formerly a crook known as the Red Hood, his face was changed to a chalk-white color with ruby-red lips and green hair thanks to swimming through chemical wastes.  The experience also drove him criminally insane, and he has murdered a large number of victims in his time.  However, after being legally executed and brought back to life by his cohorts, he has escaped further death penalty applications.  Intro: BATMAN #1.

RIDDLER, THE (Edward E. Nigma): Costumed villain and enemy of Batman of Earth-One.  As a youth Eddie Nigma was fascinated by puzzles and riddles, possibly as a consequence of his name (E. Nigma).  When he reached adulthood, he created the costumed identity of the Riddler, and committed crimes while leaving riddle-clues to them beforehand.  Intro: BATMAN #171.

PENGUIN, THE (Oswald Cobblepot): Costumed villain and enemy of Batman of Earth-One.  Young Oswald Cobblepot saw his parents’ pet shop taken away by creditors at the behest of the law, which caused him to decide to fight against the law and its restrictions.  Inspired by the birds in the shop, the short, rotund, long-nosed Oswald adopted a tuxedo costume, a number of umbrellas outfitted with weapons, and crimes with bird motifs in his new identity as the Penguin.  Intro: BATMAN #99.

KILLER MOTH (Cameron Van Cleer): Super-villain and enemy of Batman of Earth-One and Batgirl.  Formerly a convict and then a wealthy socialite, Cameron Van Cleer hit upon the idea of transforming himself into an evil counterpart to the Batman, with a costume equipped with various weapons and a wire that enabled him to “fly”.  Since then, his costume has been modfied with wings that give him flight ability.  Intro: DETECTIVE COMICS #359.

BARON TYME (Clement Tyme): Super-villain, sorceror, and enemy of Man-Bat and the Demon.  He started his career by turning She-Bat into a vampiress and having her kill people while under his control, but was later defeated by Man-Bat.  Intro: MAN-BAT #1.

LIONMANE: Super-villain and former hireling of the Catwoman of Earth-2.  After her death, Lionmane, who possesses almost superhuman strength, struck out on his own in crime and came into conflict with the Huntress.  Intro: WONDER WOMAN #278.

NIGHTINGALE (Seiki Kato): Villainess and enemy of the Huntress (Helena Wayne).  Intro: WONDER WOMAN #317.

SILKEN SPIDER: Costumed villainess with an insect motif, rival of Poison Ivy, and enemy of Batman and Robin.  Intro: BATMAN #181.

DRAGON FLY:  Costumed villainess with an insect motif, rival of Poison Ivy, and enemy of Batman and Robin.  Intro: BATMAN #181.

TIGER MOTH:  Costumed villainess with an insect motif, rival of Poison Ivy, and enemy of Batman and Robin.  Intro: BATMAN #181.

BATMAN (Earth-2): See A Force of Four meta.

GREEN LANTERN (Alan Scott, Earth-2): See A Force of Four meta.

BATMAN (Brane Taylor): A 31st Century counterpart of the Batman of Earth-Two, who uses devices and weapons of his time to battle interplanetary criminals.  Brane Taylor, inspired by the original Batman, became the new Batman of his era to capture pirates preying on his transport ships.  He retained the Batman identity, aided by his nephew Richy as the new Robin.  Once, when Richy was injured, he time-travelled back to 1951 to enlist the help of the original Robin on a case.  Later, in 1955, after the original Batman was slightly injured, Robin summoned Brane Taylor to substitute for him on another case.  (Other past heroes who inspired Brane Taylor included the Justice Society, the All-Star Squadron, Infinity, Inc., and the League of Allied Heroes of a century prior to his.)  Intro: BATMAN #67.

ROBIN (Richy): A 31st Century counterpart to the Robin of Earth-Two, assistant to Brane Taylor, the Batman of the 31st Century.  Richy is Brane Taylor’s nephew.  Intro: BATMAN #67.

ALL-STAR SQUADRON: An umbrella group of 1940's Earth-Two heroes, encompassing the Justice Society of America, the Seven Soldiers of Victory, the Freedom Fighters, and many formerly independent heroes.  The All-Star Squadron was created at the request of President Franklin D. Roosevelt in the wake of Pearl Harbor, to coordinate superheroic activities against the Axis powers.  The group formally disbanded after World War II.  Intro: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #193.


YERXA: Earth-2 space pirate of the 31st century.  Batman (Brane Taylor) and Robin (Dick Grayson) put a stop to his scheme of smuggling vulcanite and imprisoned him.  Intro: BATMAN #67.

VAIR, MARTIN: Earth-2 criminal and former professional makeup artist who was captured by Batman (Brane Taylor) and Robin (Dick Grayson) in 1955.  Intro: DETECTIVE COMICS #216.

AMAZONS: Tribes of legendary immortal women warriors, shaped by the hands of the goddess Aphrodite, extant separately on Earths One and Two.  (There is also a related, mortal Amazon tribe in Earth-One’s South America.)  Both are ruled by the Queen Hippolytes of their respective Earth, and both have a Princess Diana who became a Wonder Woman.  On Earth-Two, Fury of Infinity, Inc. is the daughter of her Wonder Woman.  On Earth-One, Wonder Girl of the New Titans is the protege of her Wonder Woman, and Nubia, a black Amazon, is also native to this Earth.  Intro: SENSATION COMICS #1 (Earth-2), WONDER WOMAN #78 (Earth-1).

HIPPOLYTE, QUEEN: Ruler of Earth-One’s Amazons and mother of both Wonder Woman and Nubia.  Unlike the black-haired Hippolyte of Earth-Two, Earth-One’s Hippolyte is a blonde.  Intro: WONDER WOMAN #78.

MALA: Amazon and chief aide to Queen Hippolyte of Earth-One.  Intro: WONDER WOMAN #159.

TRANSFORMATION ISLAND: See A Force of Four meta.

VALKYRIES: Battle-maidens in the service of the Norse god Odin, charged with gathering the souls of slain warriors and conducting them to Valhallas.  In the Earth-Two universe, the Valkyries were impelled to fight Wonder Woman and the Amazons at the behest of neo-Nazis after World War II.  Intro: COMIC CAVALCADE #17.

CHEETAH, THE (Earth-2; Priscilla Rich): See A Force of Four meta.

CHEETAH, THE (Earth-1; Deborah Domaine): Earth-1 super-villainess and enemy of Wonder Woman.  Deborah Domaine, an ecology activist, was the niece of her Earth’s original Cheetah, Priscilla Rich.  Upon her aunt’s death, she was brainwashed by Kobra into becoming the second Cheetah, with even more savagery than her aunt, employing her unnaturally strong fingernails to slash at opponents.  Intro: WONDER WOMAN #274.

MASK, THE (Nina Close): Earth-1 villainess and foe of Wonder Woman.  Nina Close was inspired to become a masked criminal by the tyrannical behavior of her husband, millionaire Brutus Close.  She has an Earth-2 counterpart who was a foe of that Earth’s Wonder Woman.  Intro: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #35.

GIGANTA: Earth-1 supervillainess and foe of Wonder Woman.  Giganta was formerly a female gorilla, transformed into a powerful “cave girl” by a scientist’s evolution ray.  As such, Giganta has superhuman strength and savage instincts.  She has an Earth-2 counterpart who was a foe of that Earth’s Wonder Woman.  Intro: WONDER WOMAN #163.

SILVER SWAN, THE (Helena Alexandros): Earth-1 supervillainess and foe of Wonder Woman.  A former ballerina rejected because of her plain looks, Helena Alexandros went to the temple of Mars in Greece and petitioned for the war god’s aid.  She was granted the identity of the Silver Swan, with super-strength, flight power, and a “swan song” which can wreak destruction.  Intro: WONDER WOMAN #288.

DR. CYBER (Sofia de la Fiorenza): The former leader of a large group of female agents who sought world domination.  She was thwarted by Diana Prince, who had lost her Wonder Woman powers at that time, and later had her face terribly mutilated.  She currently wears a golden mask. Dr. Cyber was responsible for the murder of Steve Trevor, since reanimated by Aphrodite, and remains a staunch foe of Wonder Woman.  She is the sister of Starfire, the old enemy of Supergirl.  Intro: WONDER WOMAN #179.

MORGANA: Super-villainess and foe of Wonder Woman of Earth-One.  Morgana is a sorceress and the daughter of Morgan Le Fey, legendary witch of Camelot.  Intro: WONDER WOMAN #186.

INVENTA: Villainess and enemy of the Earth-1 Wonder Woman.  Inventa has a brilliant inventive mind, which she puts to use against the Amazons.  She has an Earth-2 counterpart who was a foe of that Earth’s Wonder Woman.  Intro: WONDER WOMAN #207.

TORCHA: Villainess, ally of Inventa, and foe of the Earth-1 Wonder Woman.  Intro: WONDER WOMAN #207.

PANTHEA: Super-villainess and former Amazon who had Wonder Woman briefly imprisoned as part of a plot to take over Paradise Island.  Intro: WONDER WOMAN #224.

ASTARTE: Super-villainess, former Amazon, and foe of Wonder Woman of Earth-1.  Her body contains the spirit of the dead Amazon Diana, for whom Wonder Woman was named.  Intro: WONDER WOMAN #247.

 CIRCE: Sorceress of ancient Greece and enemy of Earth-One’s Wonder Woman.  In the past, she provided Biron, a centaur transformed into a horse by one of her enemies, with a potion that gave him Kryptonian-class super-powers and turned him into Comet the Super-Horse.  Intro: SUPERMAN’S PAL, JIMMY OLSEN #45.

CLEA, QUEEN: Villainess and enemy of the Wonder Woman of Earth-Two.  Clea is the former ruler of her Earth’s Atlantis and mother of Princess Ptra.  Intro: WONDER WOMAN #8.

EVILESS: See A Force of Four meta.

LYA: Earth-2 super-villainess and foe of Wonder Woman.  Lya is the daughter of one of Wonder Woman’s arch-foes, the Duke of Deception and is former commander of a squad of Martian women space-warriors.  Intro: COMIC CAVALCADE #26.

ZARA: Earth-2 villainess and foe of Wonder Woman.  Zara is the fraudulent “priestess of the Crimson Flame”, a cult whose members she controlled by deception.  Intro: COMIC CAVALCADE #5.

HYPNOTA: Earth-2 super-villainess and foe of Wonder Woman.  Hypnota, a spy and entertainer, gained incredible hypnotic powers after being accidentally shot in the head and undergoing an experimental brain operation.  She used her power to create mental slaves for herself, one of whom was her sister.  Intro: WONDER WOMAN #11.

GERDA: Leader of the Valkyries of Earth-2; possibly the daughter of Odin.  Intro: COMIC CAVALCADE #17.

DUKE OF DECEPTION: Super-villain, demigod, chief aide to Mars, and enemy of the Earth-2 Wonder Woman.  His daughter is Lya.  He has an Earth-1 counterpart who is an enemy of that Earth’s Wonder Woman.  Intro: WONDER WOMAN #2.

NUBIA: Black Amazon with the approximate powers of Wonder Woman, who was carven by Queen Hippolyte from a black rock and given life by the goddess Aphrodite.  Her home base is Africa.  Intro: WONDER WOMAN #204.

MALA, PAULA VON GUNTHER, GERDA VON GUNTHER (Earth-2): See A Force of Four meta.

TEAM METROPOLIS: A group of Metropolis-based heroes who banded together in the wake of the attack on their hometown by Darkseid’s forces.  Their numbers include the Guardian, their leader, and the Thorn, Insect Queen (Lana Lang), Blue Devil, Elastic Lad (Jimmy Olsen), the Vixen, Steel, and the Black Orchid.  Intro: This story.

GUARDIAN, THE (formerly GOLDEN GUARDIAN; Jim Harper II): A clone of the original Guardian, a World War II-era hero and mentor of the original Newsboy Legion, created by the DNA Project after the original Guardian’s murder.  The second Guardian is a superb athlete, like his predecessor, and carries a large, police badge-shaped shield.  Intro: SUPERMAN’S PAL, JIMMY OLSEN #135.

THORN, THE (Rose Forrest): Super-heroine and member of Team Metropolis.  After Rose Forrest saw her policeman father killed by members of the 100, a criminal organization, her subconscious took over while her conscious mind was sleeping and caused her to create the costume and identity of the Thorn.  As such, the Thorn battles the 100 and other foes with martial arts and gimmicks, but returns to her Rose Forrest identity when she awakens, with no memory of her other identity.  She has an Earth-2 counterpart who was a villainess and enemy of Green Lantern (and the mother of Jade and Obsidian of Infinity, Inc.) before her death.  Intro: SUPERMAN’S GIRL FRIEND, LOIS LANE #105.

STEEL II: See Hellsister meta.

VIXEN, THE: See Hellsister meta.

BLACK ORCHID: Mysterious Earth-One super-heroine and member of Team Metropolis with powers of super-strength and flight.  She assumes numerous secret identities to fight crime, but her true identity and origin remain a mystery, although she is a native of Earth, not Krypton.  Intro: ADVENTURE COMICS #428.

BLUE DEVIL (Dan Cassidy): Earth-One superhero and member of Team Metropolis.  Dan Cassidy was a movie stuntman and special effects expert who was accidentally sealed inside a mechanical outfit he created to play the title role in a Blue Devil movie.  As Blue Devil, he has great strength and agility and can focus energy-blasts through his trident, or fly by holding onto it and blasting energy through the end of its handle.  Intro: FURY OF FIRESTORM #24.

INSECT QUEEN (Lana Lang): Earth-One super-heroine and member of Team Metropolis.  Lana Lang, while living in Smallville as a teenager, helped free an insectoid alien and, in gratitude, was given a “bio-ring” which enabled her to transform herself into insectoid or arthropod forms, although she could not repeat a form more than once every 24 hours.  As Insect Queen, Lana was able to join the Legion of Super-Heroes as a reservist.  She very rarely becomes the Insect Queen lately, though the Darkseid crisis caused her to reassume the identity.  Intro: SUPERBOY #10 (as Lana Lang), SUPERBOY #124 (as Insect Queen).

ELASTIC LAD (Jimmy Olsen): Earth-One super-hero and member of Team Metropolis.  Jimmy Olsen, Daily Planet reporter and friend of Superman, was given a special serum by Professor Potter which contained Gingold and gave him the power to stretch his body to incredible lengths for a limited length of time.  As Elastic Lad, Jimmy was able to join the Legion of Super-Heroes as a reservist.  Intro: SUPERMAN #91 (as Jimmy Olsen), SUPERMAN’S PAL, JIMMY OLSEN #31 (as Elastic Lad).

TERRA-MAN (Toby Manning): Earth-One super-villain and enemy of Superman.  Toby Manning was the son of Jess Manning, an Old West outlaw, who was killed by an alien bandit.  The alien adopted Toby and raised him to be a super-thief, giving him the ability to breathe in space, outfitting him with super-weapons that resemble six-shooters, a lariat, and chewing tobacco, and helping him acquire a white, winged space-steed.  Since Toby was a man of Earth, the alien dubbed him Terra-Man.  But Toby learned that the alien killed his father, and shot him dead as soon as he learned all the latter can teach him.  By the time Terra-Man returned to Earth, almost a century had passed (though he had not aged much, due to the time differential) and he soon became an enemy of Superman.  Intro: SUPERMAN #249.

SHINING KNIGHT: See A Force of Four meta.

KANTO: The personal assassin of Darkseid.  Intro: MR. MIRACLE #7.

Part 27:

ULTRAA: The last survivor of an alien race of the Earth-Prime universe, endowed with super-powers similar to but not quite equal to Superman’s.  A collision in space brought him to the Earth of his universe, where he became that world’s first super-hero for a short time.  The Justice League soon transported him to Earth-One, feeling that he would disrupt Earth-Prime too much with his powers and by possibly causing super-villains to come into being.  Ultraa ended up being twice duped and battling the Justice League, but has since made his peace with them and lives in Earth-One’s Australian outback.  Intro: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #153.

THUNDER, JONNI: A lady detective from Earth-Two given the power by a mystic statuette to release a thunderbolt form of herself from within her body.  Intro: JONNI THUNDER #1.

TATTOOED MAN (Abel Tarrant): Super-villain and foe of the Earth-One Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), who possesses the power to animate designs painted on his skin with a special ink.  Intro:  GREEN LANTERN #23.

CHRONOS (David Clinton): Super-villain and foe of the Earth-One Atom.  Uses weapons with a timepiece motif in his crimes.  Intro: THE ATOM #3.

CAPTAIN COLD (Len Snart): Super-villain and foe of the original Earth-One Flash (Barry Allen).  Uses a Cold-Gun that can generate ice and intense waves of cold.  Intro: SHOWCASE #8.

KITE-MAN (Charles Brown): Super-villain and foe of the Earth-One Batman.  Uses kites in his crimes.  Intro: BATMAN #133.

GOLDEN EAGLE (Charley Parker): Super-hero and reserve member of the New Titans.  A youthful fan of Hawkman, Charley Parker was given functional wings and a Thanagarian-style uniform by the Matter Master at a time in which the real Hawkman was absent from Earth.  Intro:  JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #113.

HAWK, THE (Hank Hall): Super-hero and reserve member of the New Titans.  Hank and his brother Don Hall were given the costumed identities of the Hawk and the Dove by a mysterious “voice” which amplified their natural talents and strengths to great but not superhuman levels.  They can only change into their Hawk and Dove identities when injustice is present, and only by saying their names “Hawk” and “Dove”.  Hank is the more agressive, combative member of the two.  Recently, Hank Hall has become an insurance salesman.  Intro: SHOWCASE #75.

DOVE, THE (Don Hall):  Super-hero and reserve member of the New Titans.  See entry for Hawk for origin information.  Don is the more pacifistic, noncombative member of the two, though capable of battle when pressed to the limit.   He is currently a government worker and is married.  Intro: SHOWCASE #75.

HARLEQUIN (Duela Dent): Former super-heroine and reserve member of the New Titans.  Duela Dent was the foster daughter of Harvey (Two-Face) Dent, who rejected her and her mother Gilda because the latter was unable to bear him twins.  Later, Duela took up several costumed personas, all based on old Batman villains, and jousted with Robin and Batgirl until the two heroes learned her true identity.  Her Harlequin identity was based visually on the Joker, her foster father’s sometimes collaborator and main competitor, to spite him, and she continued in that identity in the Teen Titans for a short time, fighting crime with gimmicks.  She later retired from super-heroing.  Intro: BATMAN FAMILY #6.

BARON WINTERS: Mysterious master of a mansion in Washington, D. C.  through whose portals one can enter any time period on Earth.  It is rumored, however, that Winters himself, who is reputedly a sorceror, cannot leave his mansion.  Shortly before the time of this story, he aided John Constantine and other sorcerors in a campaign to stave off the Dark.   Intro: NEW TEEN TITANS (1st series) #21.

JAX-UR: Super-villain from Krypton and enemy of the Earth-One Superman.  Jax-Ur, a former rocket scientist, was sentenced to the Phantom Zone for destroying an inhabited moon of Krypton.  Later, he became de facto leader of the Zoners and a persistent foe of Superboy, later Superman, and his allies.   Intro: ADVENTURE COMICS #290.

Part 28:

GRODD, GORILLA: Super-villain from Earth-One and former enemy of the Flash (Barry Allen).  Grodd is a member of the intelligent, evolved ape-race of Gorilla City, a hidden city of apes in Africa.  He possesses a Force of Mind power that gives him some psychic abilities, including the ability to make mental force-blasts.  He is also an accomplished scientist and has almost succeeded in ruling Gorilla City and the Earth many times.  Intro: THE FLASH #106.

SOLOVAR: King of Gorilla City on Earth-One.  Solovar, a hyper-evolved ape, was a long-time ally of the Flash (Barry Allen) and recently collaborated with the heroes of the Multiverse to stop the Anti-Monitor in the Crisis on Infinite Earths.  Intro: THE FLASH #106.

TITANO: Super-villain from Earth-One and foe of Superman.  Titano was formerly Toto, a small chimpanzee rocketed into space during a NASA experiment, until the radiations of a colliding pair of meteors (one uranium, one Kryptonite) caused him to grow to giant size on Earth and develop Kryptonite vision.  Intro: SUPERMAN #127.

ATOMIC SKULL (Dr. Albert Michaels): Super-villain from Earth-One, foe of Superman, and head of the crime syndicate SKULL.  Intro: SUPERMAN #303 (as Dr. Albert Michaels), SUPERMAN #323 (as Atomic Skull).

MR. MIND: Super-villain from the Earth-S universe and foe of Captain Marvel.  Mr. Mind is an intelligent worm from the planet Punkus, who organized two different Monster Societies of Evil in the 1940's, one on Earth-Two to fight the Justice Society, the other on Earth-S to fight Captain Marvel.  He was executed for causing the deaths of over 100,000 victims, but was only thrown into suspended animation by the electrical current due to his alien physiology.   Mr. Mind later revived when Captain Marvel and the Marvel Family returned to Earth-S and resumed their conflict.  Intro: CAPTAIN MARVEL ADVENTURES #22.

DETECTIVE CHIMP (Bobo): A chimpanzee owned by a Florida sheriff who was intelligent enough to aid his master on many cases.  Bobo is probably related to the apes of Gorilla-City in distant fashion.  Intro: ADVENTURES OF REX THE WONDER DOG #1.

SIMEON, SAM: An intelligent (if somewhat wacky) gorilla who wears clothes, draws a comic strip, and solves crimes as part of a detective agency with his human partner, Angel O’Day.  Intro:  SHOWCASE #77.

LEGION OF SUPER-ANIMALS (nee` LEGION OF SUPER-PETS): An organization of Earth-One crime-fighting super-animals, including Comet, Krypto, Streaky, Beppo, Bat-Hound, and Rex, and, formerly, Proty II.  The Legion of Super-Heroes assembled the Super-Pets together to help fight alien invaders who were capable of overcoming humans but were powerless against animals.  Later, the Super-Pets, under Comet’s leadership, opted to change their name to the Legion of Super-Animals and, by and large, left human worlds to their own champions in favor of aiding planets whose inhabitants were animals.  Intro: ADVENTURE COMICS #293.

COMET (Super-Horse; Biron, aka “Bronco Bill”): Earth-One super-animal and member of the Legion of Super-Animals.  Biron was formerly a centaur on the wizards’ world of Maldor who saved the sorceress Circe from a rival.  In return, she sought to give him a potion that would transform him into a full man, but her enemy switched it for one which turned him into a full horse.  To recompense him, Circe gave him another potion that endowed him with Kryptonian super-powers and telepathic ability.  When within range of a comet, Comet temporarily transforms into a human being.  Intro: ADVENTURE COMICS #293.

KRYPTO (Superdog): Earth-One super-animal and member of the Legion of Super-Animals.  Krypto was the pet of young Kal-El on Krypton, but was rocketed into space by Jor-El during an experimental flight.  Years later, he landed on Earth with super-powers under that planet’s red sun and lower gravity, and resumed his status as pet to Superboy and later Superman.  After growing old, Krypto’s vitality was later restored by a fountain of youth on a distant planet.  Intro: ADVENTURE COMICS #210.

STREAKY (Supercat): Earth-One super-animal and member of the Legion of Super-Animals.  Streaky was the pet of Linda Lee (Supergirl) when she lived in Midvale Orphanage.  He gained super-powers from exposure to a chunk of Kryptonite on which Supergirl had been experimenting.  The powers were temporary, depending on repeated exposures, and Streaky seemed fated to become a normal cat forevermore when all Kryptonite on Earth was transformed into iron.  But Comet enabled Streaky to partake of the same serum that had given him his powers, thus turning the latter into a permanent Supercat.  Intro: ACTION COMICS #261.

BEPPO (Super-Monkey): Earth-One super-animal and member of the Legion of Super-Animals.  Beppo was one of Jor-El’s experimental animals, who secretly climbed into Kal-El’s rocket when it was sent to Earth.  He escaped from the rocket before it exploded, and later encountered Superboy and Superman in various adventures.  Intro: SUPERBOY #76.

BAT-HOUND (Ace): Earth-One dog and member of the Legion of Super-Animals.  Ace was originally the pet of John Wilker, an engraver captured by criminals.  Batman and Robin saved him from drowning and, when Ace insisted on accompanying them on missions, gave him a stylized bat-mask and the identity of Bat-Hound.  Bat-Hound helped them rescue Wilker and eventually was given into Bruce Wayne’s safekeeping.  After aiding the Dynamic Duo for some years, Bat-Hound’s youth was restored by waters from the Fountain of Youth and he joined the Legion of Super-Animals.  Intro: BATMAN #92.

REX: Earth-One dog and member of the Legion of Super-Animals.  Rex was a courageous white dog who aided his master in any number of war and crime-fighting missions, including one which involved the heroes who later formed the Justice League.  After aging, Rex later regained his vitality through the waters of the Fountain of Youth.  He afterward joined the Super-Animals.  Intro: ADVENTURES OF REX THE WONDER DOG #1.

CAPTAIN MARVEL BUNNY (Hoppy): Super-hero of Earth-SA (Shazam-Animals).  Hoppy, an anthropomorphic rabbit from a parallel universe to Earth-S, repeated the word “Shazam” when he saw it in a comic book, and found himself transformed into a super-rabbit with the powers of Captain Marvel.  He later learned that the wizard Shazam had secretly supplied the comic, wishing to make him the hero of his Earth.  Captain Marvel Bunny had a lengthy solo career but also teamed with the members of the Marvel Family on occasion and, once, with Superman.  Intro: FUNNY ANIMALS #1.

KING KULL: Super-villain of Earth-S and foe of the Marvel Family.  King Kull is the last survivor of the race of Beastmen, who were wiped out in a racial slaughter by early humans.  As a result, when he emerged from suspended animation in the 1940's, he attempted to wipe out humanity repeatedly with his super-science, only to be balked by Captain Marvel and his allies.  Intro: CAPTAIN MARVEL ADVENTURES #125.

STAR-TSAR: A super-villain identity used alternatively by Snapper Carr, the Privateer, and Richard Rigel.  The Star-Tsar’s powers involve tapping the energy of the stars and using it for power-blasts.  Intro: JUSTICE LEAGUE #150 (Privateer, Snapper Carr), 181 (Richard Rigel).

STARRO: A gigantic starfish from space with superhuman powers who has repeatedly tried to conquer Earth but who has been repulsed by the Justice League and other heroes.  Intro: BRAVE AND THE BOLD #28.

STARZL: A sub-atomic world on which the Justice League once had an adventure.  Intro: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #19.

ALIEN-ATOR: An unseen entity who once sought to conquer Earth-One by transforming half the Justice League into hostile, ultra-powered aliens.  Intro: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #33.

ROYAL FLUSH GANG: Two separate teams of Earth-One super-villains based on playing card motifs, who separately battled the Justice League of America.  Originally organized by Prof. Amos Fortune.  Intro: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #43, 202.

DOUGH, JOHN: An alias once used by the Joker with which to dupe Snapper Carr.

KLAX-AR: Kryptonian super-villain and foe of Superboy and Supergirl.  He lost his powers in his initial confrontation with Superboy and, years later, struck at Supergirl with a space-sled built of Kryptonian metal.  When Snapper Carr salvaged the sled and built a Superboy robot from it, Klax-Ar took control of the robot and used it to fight Supergirl.  Intro: SUPERBOY #67.

AMAZO: Super-villain android and foe of the Justice League of America.  Amazo was created by Professor Ivo and given the ability to duplicate and use the powers of the JLA members.  Intro: BRAVE AND THE BOLD #30.

IVO, PROFESSOR: Super-villain from Earth-One who created the android Amazo and gained near-immortality from a serum of his discovery.  Enemy of the Justice League.  Intro: BRAVE AND THE BOLD #30.

BRAINSTORM (Storm): Earth-One super-villain and enemy of the Justice League.  Brainstorm hyped the power of his already-mutant brain to a great degree with a psionic helmet, giving himself limited mind-over-matter and psionic abilities.  Intro: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #32.

DESPERO: Super-villain and enemy of the Justice League.  Despero, an alien tyrant, possesses three eyes, the third of which gives him limited hypnotic abilities.  He is also a master of super-science.  Intro: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #1.

DR. TYME: Super-villain and enemy of the original Doom Patrol.  Dr. Tyme is a criminal scientist who has created a “time beam” that can slow or stall time in its path.  Intro: DOOM PATROL #92.

TIME COMMANDER (John Starr): Super-villain and enemy of the Earth-One Batman and Green Lantern.  The Time Commander wields an hourglass-weapon of his own devising, capable of piercing the time barrier or causing power-blasts of various sorts.  Intro: BRAVE AND THE BOLD #59.

GENERAL IMMORTUS: Super-villain and enemy of the Doom Patrol.  General Immortus has lived for over 500 years thanks to a serum which he was unable to duplicate.  When he gave Niles Caulder (later the Chief) the task of doing such, Caulder failed and was eventually shot by Immortus, causing him to lose the use of his legs.  Immortus later became a sometime member of the original Brotherhood of Evil and one of the Doom Patrol’s deadliest enemies.  Intro: MY GREATEST ADVENTURE #80.

REACTRON (Ben Krullen): Super-villain and enemy of Supergirl and the New Doom Patrol.  Sgt. Ben Krullen was irradiated by atomic bomb tests during the 1950's and was later transformed into the nuclear super-villain Reactron by the Council.  Intro: DARING NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERGIRL #8.

TOYMAN (Winslow P. Schott): Super-villain and enemy of the Earth-One Superman.  Winslow Schott is a genius toymaker who uses his specially-designed toys as instruments for crime.  Once, when a rival criminal took up his name and modus operandi, Schott killed him.  Intro: SUPERMAN’S PAL, JIMMY OLSEN #9.

PRANKSTER (Oswald Loomis): Super-villain and enemy of the Earth-One Superman.  The Prankster uses his trick-based devices as elements to commit crimes and baffle the Man of Steel.  Intro: SUPERMAN’S PAL, JIMMY OLSEN #9.

RA-MAN, PRINCE: Earth-One super-hero.  Prince Ra-Man is the union of the dead spirit of a parallel-universe sorceror with the body of psychic investigator Mark Merlin.  He possesses great psychic and mystical abilities, including some mind-over-matter powers, and is one of Eclipso’s primary foes.  Intro: HOUSE OF SECRETS #73.

HOUNGAN: Super-villain and member of the new Brotherhood of Evil.  Houngan possesses an electronic “voodoo doll” with which he can torment enemies by causing them to feel pain by torturing the doll, to which they are psychically linked.  Intro: NEW TEEN TITANS (1st series) #14.

PLASMUS: Super-villain and member of the new Brotherhood of Evil.  Plasmus, a being of almost molten flesh, has an acidic touch that can dissolve opponents.  Intro: NEW TEEN TITANS (1st series) #14.

PHOBIA: Super-villain and member of the new Brotherhood of Evil.  Phobia has the power to increase the natural phobias of a victim and incapacitate them with fear.  Intro: NEW TEEN TITANS (1st series) #14.

MR. ESPER: Earth-One super-villain and foe of Batman and the Teen Titans.  Mr. Esper possesses some natural psychic abilities which were amplified by a helmet of his own design, with which he operated as Captain Calamity.  Intro: DETECTIVE COMICS #352.

WARP: Super-villain and member of the New Brotherhood of Evil.  Warp has the power to teleport persons and objects across space or dimensions.  Intro: NEW TEEN TITANS (1st series) #14.

Part 29:

REED, ROBBY (Dial H For Hero team): Super-hero with the power to turn into various identities via an alien dial he found in a cave.  Intro: HOUSE OF MYSTERY #156.

GRANT, VICKI (Dial H For Hero team): Super-heroine with the power to turn into various identities via a four-letter dial Chris King found in an old trunk.  Intro: LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES #272.

KING, CHRIS (Dial H For Hero team): Super-hero with the power to turn into various identities via a four-letter dial he found in an old trunk.  Intro: LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES #272.

STEVENS, NICK (Dial H For Hero team): Super-hero with the power to turn into various identities by using Robby Reed’s original H-Dial.  Intro: NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERBOY #28.

GIANTBOY: The original superheroic identity to which Robby Reed first dialed.  Giantboy is of giant size and has super-strength and flight abilities.  Intro: HOUSE OF MYSTERY #156.

J’ONZZ, T’OMM: Martian native and brother of J’onn J’onzz.  Intro: DETECTIVE COMICS #287.

R’ASS, J’EN: Martian huntress-warrior and lover of J’onn J’onzz.  Intro: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #228.

ZOD, GENERAL (Gen. Dru-Zod): Phantom Zone inmate and former officer in the Kryptonian Defense Corps who was sentenced to the Zone for trying to take over Krypton with an army of imperfect duplicates of himself.  Intro: ADVENTURE COMICS #283.

VAKOX, PROFESSOR: Phantom Zone inmate and former scientist who was sentenced to the Zone for unauthorized experiments that infested a Kryptonian lake with deadly life-forms.  Intro: ACTION COMICS #284.

KRU-EL: Phantom Zone inmate and cousin of Superman.  Black sheep of the El family.  Intro: SUPERBOY #104.

CHA-MEL: Phantom Zone inmate with powers to transform his facial appearance.  Intro: SUPERBOY #162.

XADU, DR.: Phantom Zone inmate and husband of Erndine Ze-Da.  First tried to deceive Superboy by masquerading as Jonathan Kent.  Intro: SUPERBOY #100.

ZAN-EM: Phantom Zone inmate.  Intro: ADVENTURE COMICS #458.

RAS-KROM: Phantom Zone inmate with a tendency to be superstitious.  Intro: SUPERMAN #164.

TRA-GOB: Phantom Zone inmate.  Intro: SUPERMAN’S GIRL FRIEND, LOIS LANE #88.

HA-KOR: Phantom Zone inmate, gangleader, and confederate of Gra-Mo.  Intro: SUPERBOY #104.

GRA-MO: Phantom Zone inmate who once tried to take over Kryptonopolis with robot police.  Intro: SUPERBOY #104.

ZE-DA, ERNDINE: Phantom Zone inmate and wife of Dr. Xadu.  Once helped him try to deceive Superboy by disguising herself as Martha Kent.  Intro: SUPERBOY #100.

VOR-KIL: Phantom Zone inmate and master of klurkor, a Kryptonian martial art.  Intro: SUPERMAN #219.

ZAL-TE: Phantom Zone inmate, criminal scientist, and enemy of Nightwing and Flamebird of Rokyn.  Intro: SUPERMAN FAMILY #185.

AR-UAL: See Hellsister meta.

BADRA: See A Force of Four meta.

KIZO: See A Force of Four meta.

MALA: See A Force of Four meta.

U-BAN: See A Force of Four meta.

FAORA HU-UL: Phantom Zone inmate, mass murderess, and mistress of Horu-Kanu, the deadliest Kryptonian martial art.  Intro: ACTION COMICS #471.

Part 30:

MENTO (Steve Dayton): Earth-1 super-hero who uses a cybernetic helmet to increase his nascent psychic powers to great intensity.  Originally an ally of the first Doom Patrol, Mento was the husband of the late Elasti-Girl and adoptive father of the Changeling.  He was driven insane when he beheld the Dark during a seance with John Constantine.  Intro: DOOM PATROL #91.

TRIGON: Demonic other-dimensional being and father of Raven of the New Titans.  He was eventually destroyed by a cabal of holy men from his world.  Intro: NEW TEEN TITANS (1st series) #1.

ZATARA: See Hellsister meta.

SARGON THE SORCEROR: See A Force of Four meta.

RAINBOW ARCHER (Albrecht Raines): Earth-1 super-villain and enemy of the Green Arrow.  Originally a forger, Albrecht Raines took up archery and used arrows of every color except for green, the color of his adversary, Green Arrow.  Intro: ADVENTURE COMICS #246.

SLINGSHOT (David Drayson): Earth-1 super-villain and enemy of the Green Arrow.  Slingshot employs a sling and metal balls which are either solid or gimmicked with various substances, including acid.  Intro: WORLD’S FINEST COMICS #246.

BULL’S-EYE: Earth-2 super-villain and enemy of the Green Arrow of Earth-2.  Bull’s-Eye is a master archer who wears a clown costume during his crimes.  Intro: MORE FUN COMICS #?.

MERLYN: Earth-1 super-villain and member of the League of Assassins.  Merlyn is probably the dealiest criminal archer in the world. Intro: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #94.

VELVET TIGER (Lani Gilbert): Earth-1 super-villainess and enemy of Batgirl.  The Velvet Tiger is an expert computer hacker and martial artist and is a vicious criminal.  Intro: DETECTIVE COMICS #518.

CHESHIRE: Earth-1 super-villainess with great acrobatic and martial arts skills plus poisoned fingernails, which she uses in her career as an assassin.  Intro: NEW TEEN TITANS (1st series) #?.

ONYX: Earth-1 super-heroine and ally of the Green Arrow.  Onyx was trained in martial arts, including the use of weaponry, by the Master, head of the Sanctuary in Star City.  After the Master’s death, she enlisted the help of a one-time Sanctuary member, Green Arrow, in defending the Sanctuary against an enemy called Lars.  Intro: DETECTIVE COMICS #546.

VIGILANTE (of Earth-2; Greg Sanders): Earth-2 super-hero and member of the Seven Soldiers of Victory and the All-Star Squadron.  Greg Sanders, a country singer, took up the masked identity of the Vigilante after his sheriff father was killed by an old enemy and brought the killer to justice.  He employs updated Old West weaponry and rides a motorscooter.  After being displaced in time during the Nebula-Man incident in the early 1950's, he was rescued by the Justice League and Justice Society and brought to the 1970's.  Currently he is a member of the Law’s Legionnaires.  Intro: ACTION COMICS #42.

VIGILANTE (of Earth-1; Greg Sanders): Earth-1 super-hero.  His origin is virtually the same as his Earth-2 counterpart’s.  After quitting his crime-fighting career in the 1960's, he later became a security guard at an industrial plant operated secretly by the alien Doomsters, which caused him to seek the Justice League’s help and resume his costumed identity.  He also resumed his country singing career.  Intro: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #78.

LADY SHIVA (Shiva (Sandra) Woosan): Earth-1 martial artist, possibly the deadliest non-powered woman on her world.  Lady Shiva first battled Richard Dragon, thinking him responsible for the death of her sister Carolyn Woosan.  Later, she became his ally, and saw him destroy his sister’s murderer.  Intro: RICHARD DRAGON, KUNG FU FIGHTER #5.

DRAGON, RICHARD: Earth-1 martial artist.  Originally a petty thief, Richard Dragon was reformed and taught the martial arts by the O-Sensei, and subsequently joined the organization G.O.O.D. for a time, along with his ally Ben Turner (later the Bronze Tiger).  Intro: RICHARD DRAGON, KUNG FU FIGHTER #1.

BRONZE TIGER (Ben Turner): Earth-1 costumed martial artist and ally of Richard Dragon.  An early partner of Dragon’s as a civilian, Turner was later brainwashed for a time into becoming evil and taking up the identity of the Bronze Tiger.  He later reverted to heroism and became Dragon’s ally again.  Intro: RICHARD DRAGON, KUNG FU FIGHTER #1.

RAGMAN (Rory Regan): Earth-1 super-hero.  Rory Regan, a junkshop dealer in Gotham City, gained the skills and power of his father and three of his friends by an electric charge which also killed them.  His costume is composed of sewn-together tatters from clothes pawned at his shop.  Intro: RAGMAN #1.

PEACEMAKER (Christopher Smith): Earth-4 super-hero and member of Justice Force.  Christopher Smith, a U.S. diplomat, was a pacifist who, conversely, was an inventor of weaponry.  To stop arms dealer Emil Bork from starting a war, Smith created the costumed identity of the Peacemaker and defeated him.  He later continued in that identity to stop further threats.  Intro: FIGHTIN’ FIVE #40.

STEEL, SARGE: Earth-4 private detective and secret agent.  Sarge Steel was a Vietnam vet whose hand was blown off by a grenade delivered by terrorist Ivan Chung.  His lost hand was replaced by a steel one which Steel uses to great effect.  Intro: SARGE STEEL #1.

SINN, TIFFANY: Earth-4 female CIA operative and colleague of Sarge Steel.  Intro: CAREER GIRL ROMANCES #39.

MARSHAL, THE: Martian super-villain and enemy of J’onn J’onzz.  The Marshall seized power on Mars II by promising his followers a return to their original solar system and a takeover of Earth.  This caused the Earth-Mars war, which J’onzz and the Justice League were barely able to stop.  Intro: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #228.

JUZ, BEL: Martian villainess, mistress of the Marshal, and enemy of J’onn J’onzz.  Intro: WORLD’S FINEST COMICS #212.

VULKOR: Martian super-villain and enemy of J’onn J’onzz, Green Arrow, and Speedy.  He once attacked Earth with a crew of Martians in search of a lost super-weapon, but was defeated by the three heroes.  Intro: BRAVE AND THE BOLD #50.

SKULL: Earth-1 criminal organization, led by the Atomic Skull.  Intro: SUPERMAN #301.

FIREHAWK (Lorraine Reilly): Earth-1 super-heroine with atomic transformation powers identical to Firestorm, her partner in crime-fighting.  Intro: FURY OF FIRESTORM #2.

MR. FREEZE (formerly MR. ZERO): Earth-2 super-villain who, thanks to an accident with a cold-gas gun of his own design, was unable to live at anything but cold temperatures until he was cured.  Mr. Zero, as he originally called himself, employed a “cold-gun” to freeze his opponents.  In his second appearance, he changed his name to Mr. Freeze.  Intro: BATMAN #121.

KILLER FROST II (Louise Lincoln): Earth-1 super-villainess with freezing powers and enemy of Firestorm.  Killer Frost II took over in the place of the original Killer Frost, who died in battle with Firestorm.  Intro: FURY OF FIRESTORM #34.

SHADOW, THE (Lamont Cranston): Earth-1 super-hero who learned in Tibet the secrets of clouding men’s minds and hiding in the shadows with the help of a great black cloak and slouch hat.  He was most active in the 1930's and 40's, but, with the help of age retardants, has taken on singular cases up to the time of this story.  Once, he saved the life of young Bruce Wayne, then teamed with Batman on two occasions.  Most recently, he saved Catwoman from an assassin.  Intro: THE SHADOW #1 (DC).

B’WANA BEAST (Mike Maxwell): Earth-1 super-hero.  Originally an American game warden in Africa, Mike Maxwell was transformed by a strange serum and a telepathic helmet into B’wana Beast, with the power to command animals to do his bidding.  Intro: SHOWCASE #66.

KLARION: Earth-1 super-villain and sorceror.  Klarion is a powerful but young evil sorceror who became an enemy of the Demon and Wonder Woman.  Intro: DEMON #7.

Part 31:

TSUNAMI (Vicki Grant): Dial H For Hero identity for Vicki Grant.  Tsunami has power over water, including the ability to direct it in great waves.  Intro: This story.  (Created by Dave Cocrkum.)

DR. LIGHT (Arthur Light): Earth-1 super-villain and former leader of the Fearsome Five.  Arthur Light was a criminal scientist interested in using light in all its variant forms for theft purposes.  After acquiring some gadgets from the Thanagarians, he created the identity of Dr. Light and at first menaced the Justice League, then fought other heroes, including the Teen Titans.  Intro: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #12.

KID ROCK (Nick Stevens): Dial H For Hero identity for Nick Stevens.  Kid Rock has stony flesh and the ability to control rocks, soil, and the elements of the earth.  Intro: This story.  (Created by R. J. Croxton.)

FIREBOLT (Chris King): Dial H For Hero identity for Chris King.  Firebolt has the power to throw flame in various forms and to fly.  Intro: This story.

SIVANA, DR. THADDEUS BODOG: Earth-S super-villain, criminal scientist, and enemy of the Marvel Family.  Dr. Sivana was embittered in the early years of the 20th Century when industrialists rejected his inventions and ideas as “too radical”.  He left Earth to take himself and his two children Beautia and Magnificus to Venus, where they carved out a settlement in the jungle environiment.  In 1940, Sivana returned to Earth with a plot to take over Fawcett City.  Captain Marvel defeated him, leading to a seemingly endless series of battles between the two.  Sivana’s two other children, Thaddeus, Jr. and Georgia, aid him as criminal partners in the Sivana Family.  Intro: WHIZ COMICS #2.

SAVAGE, VANDAL (Vandar Adg): A former caveman who was turned immortal by the radiations of a strange meteor, which may have done the same to Immortal Man.  Over the millenia he assumed the identities of or imitated Cheops, Julius Caesar, and many others, then worked behind the scenes as advisors to conquerors.  Immortal Man worked secretly against him during much of this time.  Finally, in the 1940's, he operated openly as a super-villain on Earth-2, opposing first Green Lantern and then the entire Justice Society.  He later came to Earth-1, where he launched an effective (for a time) plot against Superman.  Intro: GREEN LANTERN (1st series) #?.

HOODED ONE, THE: Earth-4 super-villain and enemy of Thunderbolt and Justice Force.  The Hooded One was a student at the lamasery in Tibet from which Thunderbolt was taught, and, prior to the latter’s arrival, was chosen to study the Hidden Scrolls which gave the keys to harnessing the power of the entire body and mind.  This was done because he had risked his life to carry a burning bomb away from a plane which crashed in the lamasery, badly burning his face in the process.  The Hooded One’s studies were terminated when the High Abbot decided to allow Peter Cannon to be the one student allowed to use the Scrolls, in honor of his parents’ sacrificing their lives to save the lamas from a plague.  After this, the Hooded One became the prime enemy of Thunderbolt.  Intro: THUNDERBOLT #1.

GREEN LANTERN (Medphyl): Green Lantern of the planet J586, whose inhabitants are all motile and evolved forms of plant life.  Intro: GREEN LANTERN #11.

CLUB OF HEROES: A team of international heroes, most of whom were inspired by Batman, who came together when Batman invited them to Gotham City to study his methods first-hand.  The group has operated only sporadically since.  Its members include the Knight, the Beefeater, the Legionary, the Gaucho, the Ranger, the Musketeer, and honorary members Superman, Batman, and Nightwing.  Intro: DETECTIVE COMICS #215.

KNIGHT, THE (Cyril, Earl of Wordenshire): Earth-1 hero who fights crime in England, having been inspired to do so by Batman.  He rides a motorcycle modified to resemble a war-horse, wears knight’s armor, and utilizes various gimmicks.  The Beefeater, formerly the Squire, is his son and partner.  Intro: DETECTIVE COMICS #215 (Earth-1 version).

BEEFEATER, THE (Brian Wordenshire): Earth-1 hero who fights crime in England, having been inspired to do so by the original Robin of that world.  He rides a motorcycle modified to look like a great black steed, wears the costume of a Beefeater, and utilizes various gimmicks.  The Beefeater was formerly the Squire and is the son and partner of the Knight.  Intro: DETECTIVE COMICS #215 (Earth-1 version).

LEGIONARY, THE (Antonio di Rienzi): Earth-1 hero who fights crime in Italy, having been inspired to do so by Batman.  He dresses as an ancient Roman warrior and uses a gimmicked spear and other such equipment.  Intro: DETECTIVE COMICS #215.

GAUCHO, THE: Earth-1 hero who fights crime in South America, having been inspired to do so by the Batman.  He dresses as a masked gaucho and employs special bolas and other weapons.  Intro: DETECTIVE COMICS #215.

MUSKETEER, THE: Earth-1 hero who fights crime in France, having been inspired to do so by the Batman.  He dresses as a musketeer and uses a sword equipped with electricity and several other gimmicks with which to fight crime.  Intro: DETECTIVE COMICS #215.

RANGER, THE (Rolf Hogan): Earth-1 hero who fights crime in Australia, mostly in the outback, having been inspired to do so by the Batman.  He dresses as a masked ranger and uses several gimmicks in his operations, but mostly operates by deductive ability, smarts, experience, and fighting prowess.  Intro: DETECTIVE COMICS #215.

GREEN ARROW BRIGADE: An international team of Earth-1 archer-heroes, several of whom adopted the local equivalent of the name “Green Arrow”, inspired by the original GA.  Their number included the Phantom of France, the Bowman of Britain, the Bowman of the Bush, the Green Arrows of Japan, Mexico, and Switzerland, and two other Green Arrows, plus the Scarlet Bowmen.  After Green Arrow changed his costume and modus operandi and lost Speedy as a partner, the Brigade members gradually gave up their crime-fighting identities.  Intro: ADVENTURE COMICS #250; ADVENTURE COMICS #226 (Scarlet Bowmen only).

SQUADRON OF AVENGERS: A team of four heroes from the planet Angor who once encountered the Justice League on a case.  Their number includes Wandjina, the Silver Sorceress, Jack B. Quick, and Blue Jay.  Intro: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #86.

WANDJINA: The incarnation of an Australian thunder god who fights crime on Algor as a member of the Squadron of Avengers.  Intro: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #86.

SILVER SORCERESS: A mutant female magician who fights crime on Algor as a member of the Squadron of Avengers.  Intro: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #86.

JACK B. QUICK: A mutant speedster who fights crime on Algor as a member of the Squadron of Avengers.  Intro: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #86.

BLUE JAY: A super-hero with the power to shrink to tiny size and fly on wings of his own design, who fights crime on Algor as a member of the Squadron of Avengers.  Intro: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #86.

OFFENDERS: A team of Algorian villains who oppose the Squadron of Avengers.  Intro: This story.

TERROR ORGANIZATION:  A team of Algorian villains who oppose the Squadron of Avengers.  Intro: This story.

YELLOW MARTIANS: A yellow-skinned race of Martians, distinct from the races of J’onn J’onzz and Commander Blanx, who served the Duke of Deception.  Intro: WONDER WOMAN #?.

DUKE OF DECEPTION: Earth-1 super-villain, servant of the war-god Mars,  and enemy of Wonder Woman.  He has considerable powers as an inhabitant of Olympus and employs Yellow Martian legions and his abilities to deceive as weaponry against Wonder Woman and the Amazons.  Intro: WONDER WOMAN #81.

BLANX, COMMANDER: A White Martian of the Polar People who was J’onn J’onzz’s main antagonist on his homeworld of Mars.  When Blanx and J’onzz clashed in single combat, J’onzz was felled from behind by one of Blanx’s men.  J’onzz was sentenced to exile for fifteen years, in which place he was teleported to Earth by Dr. Erdel, where he spent the rest of his time as a police detective and super-hero.  Blanx and his Martians tried to destroy J’onzz on Earth in an adventure which brought together for the first time the heroes who would become the Justice League of America.  Later, after his time of exile was up, J’onn J’onzz went back to Mars with the JLA and killed Blanx in battle, but not before Blanx had scoured the planet free of plant and animal life with the Blue Flame.  Intro: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #?.

BAT-MITE: An other-dimensional imp with magical powers who dresses as his idol Batman and, in times past, came to Earth at various times to “help” Batman and Robin fight crime, but usually ended up using his magic to make things more interesting...and troublesome.  Intro: DETECTIVE COMICS #267.

MXYZPTLK, MR.: A fifth-dimensional sprite with magical powers who came to Earth as a boy to play pranks and bedevil the planet’s inhabitants.  Superboy first opposed him and then tricked him into saying his name backwards and thus banishing himself to his home dimension for over 60 days.  Mxyzptlk vowed to get revenge on Superman and his friends through various magical pranks, and has kept the rivalry going ever since then.  Intro: SUPERMAN #96.

QUISP: Water-world sprite from another dimension with the power to shape water into various forms.  A friend and ally to Aquaman.  Intro: AQUAMAN #1.

Part 32:

STARMAN (Mikaal Tomas): Alien super-hero from the Earth-1 universe.  Mikaal Tomas refused to take part in his planet’s proposed invasion of Earth and, instead, went to Earth to defend it from the invaders.  His powers include great strength, flight ability, and limited disintegration powers through a sonic medallion.  Intro: FIRST ISSUE SPECIAL #12.

BLACK SPIDER (Eric Needham): Earth-1 super-villain and foe of Batman.  The Black Spider was originally a vigilante who preyed on the drug pushers of Gotham City, killing them regardless of what innocents might have gotten in the way.  Later, he became a crook in his own right.  Intro: DETECTIVE COMICS #463.

GRASSHOPPER: Earth-1 super-villain and foe of Batman.  The Grasshopper is one of a pair of twins whose strong legs give them incredible leaping and kicking power.  Both Grasshoppers were originally employed against Batman by the Outsider.  Intro: DETECTIVE COMICS #334.

COPPERHEAD, THE: Earth-1 super-villain and member of the Secret Society of Super-Villains.  The Copperhead employs a snakelike costume which gives him the power to constrict about enemies, rendering them either unconscious or suffocating them.  Lately, he has also installed venomous fangs in his helmet.  Intro: BRAVE AND THE BOLD #78.

MAJOR DISASTER (Paul Booker): Earth-1 super-villain, foe of Green Lantern, the Flash, and other super-heroes.  Major Disaster specializes in causing and / or capitalizing on disasters with his super-science, using them as a way of looting communities and challenging foes.  Intro: GREEN LANTERN #43.

DR. DOUBLE X (also DR. X; Dr. Simon Ecks): Earth-1 super-villain, the energy-duplicate of Dr. X, a criminal scientist who learned to create an energy-based doppleganger of himself under his mental command.  Dr. Double X, a foe of Batman, has devastating energy-based powers, including great strength, flight power, and projection of deadly force bolts.  Intro: DETECTIVE COMICS #261.

RAINBOW RAIDER, THE (Roy G. Bivolo): Earth-1 super-villain and foe of the late Flash.  The Rainbow Raider uses special goggles which can project colors altering peoples’ moods.  Intro: THE FLASH #286.

CHAC: Earth-1 villain and foe of Hawkman.  Chac was originally an ancient Mayan tyrant who gained immortality and a cache of super-weapons from a crashed spacecraft.  He was overthrown and rendered amnesiac by his subjects, but regained his memory in the 20th Century and used his weaponry to attempt conquest of the modern world.  Intro: HAWKMAN #1.

GOLDEN GLIDER, THE (Lisa Snart): Earth-1 super-villainess and foe of the late Flash.  Lisa Snart, champion skater and sister of Captain Cold, designed skates that gave her the ability to “skate” on air and weaponry which she employed against the Flash, whom she blamed for the death of her lover, the Top.  Intro: THE FLASH #250.

LADY LUNAR (Stacy Macklin): Earth-1 super-villainess and foe of Superman and Batman. Stacy Macklin was given energy-based powers by the same meteorite that turned Brice Rogers into the villainous Moonman, and used them against his foes, the World’s Finest Team.  Intro: ADVENTURE COMICS #464 (Stacy Macklin), WORLD’S FINEST COMICS #266 (Lady Lunar).

METALLO II (Roger Corben): Earth-1 super-villain and foe of Superman.  The brother of the late Metallo I, John Corben, Roger was a SKULL agent who was turned into the cyborg Metallo, complete with a Kryptonite heart, after being injured during a robbery. Metallo possesses the strength of a robot and has a number of built-in gimmicks and weapons.  Intro: SUPERMAN #310.

COMMANDER STEEL (Hank Heywood I): Former Earth-2 super-hero and member of the All-Star Squadron, based on Earth-1 since 1942.  Hank Heywood, a soldier, was injured badly by an explosion in 1939.  He was rebuilt with metallic parts by a scientist, and as a result gained super-strength, super-speed, and considerable resistance to harm.  He adopted the secret identity of Steel to become an anti-Axis super-hero, and joined the All-Star Squadron not long after its inception in 1941.  Later, he was warped to the Earth-1 universe as a backwash of Harbinger’s appearance.  He became a wealthy industrialist, lost a son in Vietnam, and had his grandson rebuilt into another Steel against the latter’s wishes.  Intro: STEEL #1.

SONIK (William Parker): Earth-1 super-hero, sometime ally of Superman and Batman.  Sonik, a black Metropolis citizen, uses sound-based weapons to fight crime in the ghetto.  Intro: WORLD’S FINEST COMICS #310.

SWORDFISH: Earth-1 super-hero with energy-based powers, partner of Barracuda.  Intro: WORLD’S FINEST COMICS #304.

BARRACUDA: Earth-1 superheroine with energy-based powers, partner of Swordfish.  Intro: WORLD’S FINEST COMICS #304.

CAPTAIN ACTION: See Hellsister Meta.

ACTION BOY: See Hellsister meta.

DR. EVIL (Dr. Stefan Tracy): Earth-1 super-villain and foe of Captain Action.  Dr. Tracy, a scientist and father-in-law of Clive Arno, was transformed by a nucleo-chemical reaction into a blue-skinned, hyper-evolved being with great mind-over-matter powers and colossal intellect.  As such, he dubbed himself “Dr. Evil” and, holding humanity as beneath him and worthy of contempt, sought to destroy it and replace it with something better.  Captain Action thwarted him in two recorded encounters; his later battles against the Action Team remain unrecorded.  Intro:  CAPTAIN ACTION #3.

GREEN LANTERN (Hollika Rahn): Female Green Lantern from Rhoon, a world ruled by sorcerors in which scientists were formerly ghettoized.  Hollika sometimes disguises her power ring abilities as magic.  Intro: GREEN LANTERN #163.

PARASITE, THE (Maxwell Jensen): Earth-1 super-villain and foe of Superman. A chemical accident transformed Max Jensen into an alien-appearing, purple-skinned being with the power to leach away powers, abilities, and even lives away from anyone within his near vicinity.  Intro: ACTION COMICS #340.

DUO DAMSEL: See Hellsister meta.

GIANT JIMMY OLSEN: A giant-sized, super-strong, rampaging clone of Jimmy Olsen with Kryptonite-imbued skin, created by Simyan and Mokkari, minions of Darkseid.  Intro: SUPERMAN’S PAL, JIMMY OLSEN #136.

ROSS, PETE: See Hellsister meta.